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To The Depths
June 2014
Released: 2014, Self Released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Ohio metallers Gomorrah have a very appropriate name. Just like their fellow ‘Named After A Biblical City Club’ members Sodom, they deal in high speed and abrasive thrash which is heavy enough for death metallers to enjoy and recalls blasted war fields where legions of Russian soldiers are forced onto the guns of the Wehrmacht. But where Sodom for all their strengths are still very much thrash traditionalists, Gomorrah appear to have one eye on heavy metal’s future landscape. The only trouble is, another band has been looking in exactly the same places and got there first.

For when the opening title track erupts from the speakers like some unspeakable behemoth, everything seems to be going in their favour. ‘To The Depths’ is packed with high octane guitar work and is set firmly on fast mode. There’s no slowing down of any kind and purists will be delighted that their concessions to the modern world consist of the impressive production values rather than breakdowns or nods to the hardcore scene. Every single member of the band is a skilled and proficient player and there’s a few moments of righteous, headbanging fury to be had here. But sadly, they just sound too much like Sylosis.

‘Tribulations’ for example is a great song, but play it alongside any of the cuts from the Reading boys’ ‘Monolith’ album and it could easily be a B-side. The same goes for ‘Colossus’ and while the occasional sound-a-like is forgivable, when there’s this many similarities the déjà vu overpowers everything. Both bands are fond of increased song lengths, intricate melodies, spiralling solos and the kind of screams that can only be made by people who have no idea what cough syrup is, but Sylosis have the power house of Nuclear Blast behind them and it’s going to be tough for Gomorrah to break out of their shadow if they don’t shake things up a bit.

That being said, they can still pen a cracking tune and despite only having six songs to show off with here, they do so with gusto. ‘Chapel Of Stilled Voices’ is a razor sharp piece of pristine thrash and the closing ‘Beneath The Falling Sun’ is equally vicious, but as a whole ‘To The Depths’ doesn’t have enough of its own voice to really impress. In fairness it probably wasn’t intentional (Josh Middleton and co are popular enough but hardly household names), but the similarities are unavoidable and spoil an otherwise decent listening experience.

Review by Tim Bolitho-Jones
Track Listing

1. To The Depths
2. Tribulations
3. Tempest
4. Colossus
5. Chapel Of Stilled Voices
6. Beneath The Falling Sun


Colton Deem - Guitar/Vocals
Mitch Pegg - Guitar
Cody Pegg - Drums

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