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Golden Resurrection
One Voice for The Kingdom
February 2013
Released: 2013, Liljgren Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The members of the all-star group Golden Resurrection must get some inspiration from some divine source because these guys are all very talented prolific musicians. What seemed to start as a side-project featuring members of Audiovision, Narnia, Reinxeed and many other Christian Power Metal bands, has endured a revolving door with Tommy and Christian becoming the core of the band. There have been a couple more lineup changes since 2011's MAN WITH A MISSION, with Alfred Fridhagen of Reinxeed joining on drums and Svenne Jansson of Jerusalem joining on keyboards.

The 10 track album is their longest yet and the 'Crusader Knight' had graced the cover again, so I'm assuming, and hoping, he might be their permanent mascot. It goes without saying that a warrior in a suit of metal armour is a very Metal mascot. Just ask Armoured Saint. One again the production job is clean and clear with not a trace of dirt anywhere, just shimmering highs.

ONE VOICE FOR THE KINGDOM is a truly a direct continuation of the two previous albums as the band secured their style and signature sound very early on. The album starts as it should with an awesome scream that sets the tone for this fast album. The whole thing is fast and powerful as each individual performs at the top of his game. The swirling keyboards float along beside the blazing guitars all just barely keeping up with the relentless drumming. The sense of acceleration is non-stop for the first three songs. After a very brief respite with the song 'Night Flight' before taking off again with the bands namesake song,'Golden Resurrection'. They even have a song called 'Can't Slow Down', which starts slowly, oddly enough, before taking off to the horizon on a rocket!

Lyrically the band still fights the good fight with songs of faith and hope, blatantly Christian but without getting preachy. Christians clear, high voice and powerful delivery demonstrate his raw skill and under-rated status. ONE VOICE FOR THE KINGDOM is another very intense, glorious and majestic album by Golden Resurrection.
Track Listing

1. The Temple Will Remain
2. Spirit War
3. One Voice for the Kingdom
4. Night Light
5. Golden Resurrection
6. Can't Slow Down
7. Heavenly Metal
8. God's Mercy
9. Born for the Strangers
10. Moore Lord


Christian Rivel Vocals
Tommy ReinXeed Guitars, Keyboards,
Stefan K. Bass
Alfred Fridhagen Drums
Svenne Jansson Keyboards

Svenne Jansson Keyboards

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