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October 2015
Released: 2015, Just for Kicks/Independent release
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Godsticks hail from the South of Wales, UK and have created a unique and twisted take on progressive heavy rock scene, which I feel is very refreshing to hear. They are fresh, funky and have hints of groove going on, these guys are creating new kind of sound which is something to be heard especially in new album Emergence. The main thing that stands out with Godsticks is the very unique vocals which fits really well with the complex instrumental attack. In full honestly this band is not something I would normally listen too, however in the right mood and setting this could be good to relax and chill too. In addition I do see a big potential in the band and how they will be loved by many.

Firstly I want to talk about new album Emergence is track 4 - Exit Stage Right, Its aggressive, progressive and a damn good listen, I must say I think this song has to be my favourite from the album. The catchy instrumental pulls you in and doesn't let go throughout the whole song. I wouldn't class this song as anything other a good metal song, as it has vibes of different genres coming through.

Next I am going to mention is track 5 - All That Remains, it is much softer and stands out the most in the album. The song has slightly depressing tones in the vocals but with glints of hope coming through in the overall softness in his voice. Which then builds up into a thought provoking, empowering song which you can connect to emotionally and that I feel many people would be able to relate too. This one in my opinion will be track that everyone remembers from the album and is a must hear.

Lastly we come to track 8 – Emergence, which starts a bit darker and more aggressive than the rest of the songs on the album, additionally the guitar riffs are repetitive yet catchy which draws you in and takes over your senses. Overall the strong vocals really makes this song from the album stand out me and is one to definitely give a listen, especially when the vocals and instruments intertwine with each other. From the main rhythm you can hear the grunge themes coming through with prog vocals overtaking at times which is quite refreshing to hear.

Overall I can relate the vocals to something similar in style and tone as to System of a Down meets Soundgarden yet at the same time have their completely own unique sound which is something to admire in this day and age. Quite shocked at the fact not more people out there know of this band as they show a real potential to be something quite big in the metal and alternative scene. However even for not fully my cup of tea, they definitely have a good few songs that I feel anyone could enjoy and relate too.

Review by: Alexis Evans
Track Listing

1. Below The Belt

2. Ruin

3. Much Sinister

4. Exit Stage Right

5. All That Remains

6. Hopeless Situation

7. One Percent

8. Emergence

9. Leave Or Be Left

10. Lack Of Scrutiny


Darran Charles - Vocals, Guitars, keys
Dan Nelson - Bass
Steve Roberts - Drums

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