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November 2009
Released: 2009, Indie
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

Godlesson is a band hailing from Finland and has released their first EP during the spring. Their first full-length album is scheduled to hit the stores in the end of this year, ready to be under your Christmas tree should you be so lucky, or unlucky!

The EP consists of three tracks with humorous titles as “Fuck, Satan, Hell, Die, Yeah”, “Lavatory Suicide” and “Broken Lamb”. The style is mostly fast-paced with straight-forward heavy metal vocals which are very uninspiring and terribly boring! I find the tracks monotonous since they do not differ in any special way except “Broken Lamb” which has a slower tempo and progression.

I think “Lavatory Suicide” stands out as the best track of the album even though it features a riff I find really poor! The band shows promise with their quick tempo whereas I want to point out the drumming and guitar parts.

Along with that I see the band having some potential with their vocals if they can direct it to a more brutal sound.
Track Listing

Fuck Satan, Hell, Die, Yeah
Lavatory Suicide
Broken Lamb


Abaddon Morgoth - Vocal/bass
Diabolus Demogorgon - Guitar
Marduk Mephistopheles - Solo guitar
Saitan Tezcatlipoca - Drums

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