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Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio
September 2010
Released: 2010, Blood Harvest Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It´s rather safe to say that old school death metal is back – here to stay forever. Many new, young metal bands have found once again that shortly buried sound for themselves that once made a great bunch of metal bands so popular among a cultivated metal community; the sound of old school death metal, I mean.

Godless from Chile have also sunk their weapons into a deep cauldron in which all vital ingredients for old school death metal are well mixed together, in one delicious soup. The band´s debut studio album, ECCE HOMO: POST LUX TENEBRAS, PULSIO XIII ULTIMA RATIO, represents the words ´old school death metal´ maximally to the very core – at least as much as what, for example, such acts as Autopsy, Immolation, Abhorrence (Fin), Incantation and Shub Niggurath (Mex) did represent for many of us when most of them were all demoing songs for our immediate and ultimate joy – and when the true underground was just about start flourishing back in the day.

Now basing on my opinion strictly on the material this Mexican foursome has churned out for their 7-track debut album, Godless is a prime example of how real death metal is supposed to sound like – and not something awfully over-technical and over-polished shite without any kind of descended, hairy balls. Death metal was originally supposed to have this sweet smell of decay, a fusty smell of old bones – and it was supposed to make you fear the ancient graveyards. Godless have realized this, and there´s boneheaps of the aforementioned elements incorporated into the band´s own sweet Pandora´s box. They sound wonderfully dark, savage, raw, merciless and corpse-heavy – reminding me slightly of doomy-ness of Autopsy´s MENTAL FUNERAL era here and there, the raw and barbaric sound of Incantation and ominous and dark death metal rolls of Immolation. An old slogan, ´death is real´ becomes very concrete on Godless´ debut album as far as the style of the songs in it is concerned. The smell of sweet death is carried far on ECCE HOMO… and I bet many of you want to get your own share of this, too.

Without a shadow of a doubt, a top-notch death metal record this is in terms of what death metal was meant to be originally, throwing us rudely but still gently back to the past, back and forth. Job well done Godless – and thank you for this.
Track Listing

01. Sacrobsolescence: Igneus Sigillum Insurrectio
02. Subverlibipraxis
03. Nihil Coronat Opus
04. Necroaisthesis
05. The Ancient Dream
06. Infrapanopticon Sublimatio
07. Eph' heauton epistrephein (Exaltatio Massa Damnata)


V.D.A. Irrenemidis - Vocals
Rod Fockale - Guitars
Gioser Nasare - Bass
Rob Aguilera - Drums

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