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Gallows Throne
Scourge of Bedlam
May 2012
Released: 2012, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Gallows Throne is an experimental black metal trio from the American southwest (is there any place more evil?) and who’s currently promoting their self-released debut SCOURGE OF BEDLAM. Now usually reading “experimental black metal” and “self-released” in the same sentence is code for “shitty low-fi basement recording,” which was exactly the thought that popped into my mind upon listening to the first half of album opener “Gnawed to Bone.” But…around the 2:50 mark, the frantic assault of noise gave way to a jarringly haunting melodic jam session. Which is the dichotomy of Gallows Throne: 1 part unlistenable black metal, 2 parts genuinely beautiful music, and 1 more part that’s straight up bizzarro. I’m not sure if the band just as a musical equivalency to A.D.D. or if this random assemblage of influences is indeed their mission statement, but either way it makes for a unique listening experience.

Every track across SCOURGE OF BEDLAM has a foundation in the aforementioned wall of blackened fuzz, but every track also incorporates various aural ingredients. “Celebration of Endings” features an easy jazz outro with what I believe are castanets clacking in the background, while “Terminal Fog” and the title track have some progressive phrasing and riff structure. But it was the eerie effects laden “Tendrils Wrought” that stands out as the most successful example of Gallows Thrones’ talents. Imagine modern day Anathema jamming on old Darkthrone and you’ll get an idea of where their head is at.

SCOURGE OF BEDLAM is at times a difficult listen and at others completely trance inducing, but either way it succeeds in keeping you listening. There wasn’t much information about the band in the promo I received, but check out their Bandcamp page to hear samples and download “Gnawed to Bone” for free.
Track Listing

1. Gnawed to Bone
2. Celebration to Endings
3. Terminal Fog
4. Tendrils Wrought
5. Blight Pocked Shrine
6. Scourge of Bedlam


Ginroh - Drums
Vehomad - Guitars
Mississippi Graves - Vocals

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