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God Seed
I Begin
November 2012
Released: 2012, Indie Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

So here it is… …one of the most anticipated album releases of 2012 and the return of the fantastic Black Metal duo of King and Gaahl with their debut studio album under the moniker of God Seed in the form of I Begin. I think the first thing to say at the start of the review is that any fans of the King & Gaahl era Gorgoroth material will certainly not be disappointed when they finally hear this album. If anything this album takes all of the little elements and details of what made their era of Gorgoroth so great and really expands and progresses with them in a big way.

It’s safe to say though that this isn’t just a new Gorgoroth record under a different name, and nor is it the same kind of sound as King Ov Hell’s solo project with Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir that was simply entitled Ov Hell and if you were expecting any sort of direct replica of the two then you will be disappointed, but then that’s not what this album is about at all. You can tell when listening to the new God Seed material that they have really gone all out to progress this band’s sound and create a style that is unique to this project, whilst still keeping the all-out raw Black Metal aggression that we’ve come to expect from these guys. The production on the album is absolutely fantastic, the guitars all have that signature crushing chuggy low end sound to them that King is so known for, and Gaahl’s vocals really do sound better than they’ve ever done before, as he seems to be bringing all of his various vocal styles of his other projects like Trelldom and Wardruna into God Seed as well so the album isn’t simply just all out aggressive vocals.

The album shines through in other ways though in that it definitely in places has a much more progressive and experimental feel to it, especially now with the addition of keyboards and ambient effects into the music. I personally feel that this can only help to really expand and build on the overall sound of the band and it makes for really interesting listening when hearing the usual heavy Black Metal riffing that we’re used to being accompanied by a 70’s style Hammond Organ on tracks such as Hinstu Daga. I get the feeling that perhaps both Gaahl and King were held back slightly in Gorgoroth with just how far they were allowed to push the music in the direction that they wanted to go, and with God Seed they are now obviously getting the creative freedoms that they wanted and we as fans are hearing the full potential of what they can create.

There are moments in the album where the musical style almost shifts entirely from heavy Black Metal to slow plodding progressive rock and there’s clearly a broad mixture of styles and influences in the band that have been brought together on this album in a really cool way. Tracks like This From The Past (the recently released single from the album) and Aldrande Tre blast out of the speakers at break neck speeds and bring the more faster, raw and aggressive Black Metal song writing to the album which many previous Gorgoroth fans will really enjoy. But then there’s tracks like the much slower Hinstu Daga and Lit which have a far more 70’s progressive rock/psychedelic feel to them (and in the case of Lit even has a short keyboard tribute to The Doors included in it!) and really helps to diversify the album.

I think if God Seed continue with this creative momentum then people will look back upon this album as something that not only started something great for the band but an album that really re-evaluate what really makes up a fantastic, inspirational and genre defining album. This is a band that seems to have taken the traditional boundaries of Black Metal and said “to hell with them!” (No pun intended) and have become all the better for it. May the God Seed grow ever stronger; as if this is a sign of things to come then it’s a truly fantastic start!

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. Awake
2. This From The Past
3. Alt Liv
4. From The Running Of Blood
5. Hinstu Daga
6. Aldrande Tre
7. Lit
8. The Wound
9. Bloodline


Gaahl – Vocals
King – Bass
Sir – Guitar
Kenneth Kapstad – Drums
Geir Bratland – Keys & Noise
Lost Kilman – Guitar

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