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Gallows End
Nemesis Divine
August 2010
Released: 2010, Farvahar Records / Nightmare Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Gallows End is a young power metal band from Arvika, Sweden with one previous three song demo release under their belts. The band that was once a solo project of guitarist and vocalist Thord Klarström is now a standard four piece, with musical similarities to fellow Swedish power metal favorites like Hammerfall and Dream Evil.

The listener is greeted by an overly dramatic spoken word cheesefest similar in vein to older Rhapsody, before letting loose with some rocking melodic riffs and powerhouse drumming on the title track "Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)". Vocalist/Guitarist Thord Klarström has a pretty unique voice. I wouldn't go as far to say that he is a very accomplished singer, but he definitely holds his own and his vocal approach compliments the music nicely. "Soul Collector" hooks you in with catchy riffs and a great chorus. This song is structured really well and a live favorite for the band, I'm sure. "No Return" slows the mid-tempo power metal pace down a bit for more of a classic traditional metal crunch, amidst a backdrop of pulsing rhythm and excellent backing vocals. "Set the World in Flames" gallops along and really showcases some tasty leadwork courtesy of guitarists Peter Samuelsson and Thord Klarström. "Not Your Own" has an urgent sense of delivery to it's harmonic guitar melodies and vocal phrasing and is an album highlight in my opinion. Drummer Mikael Karlsson shines on the second half of this track with some stop-on-a-dime double kick syncopation. The most aggressive sounding track you'll likely hear on NEMESIS DIVINE is "The Unborn Flag" a complex plethora of riffs and swings in tempo, with breakneck passages and blazing solos to boot. "Storm of Fate" is a speed metal inspired ass kicker with Germanic lead work reminiscent of early Helloween.

NEMESIS DIVINE is produced pretty slick and the album artwork is housed in a very nice gatefold digipack with a deluxe booklet with band photos, lyrics etc.

My bottom line on Gallows End is this is a quality release from a gifted young band and I will definitely look forward to hearing more from them in the future.
Track Listing

1. Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)
2. Soul Collector
3. Kingdom of the Damned
4. No Return
5. The Curse
6. Set the World in Flames
7. Not Your Own
8. Different Eyes
9. The End
10. The Unborn Flag
11. Storm of Fate
12. Riders of the North


Thord Klarström - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Samuelsson - Guitar
Niklas Nord - Bass
Mikael Karlsson - Drums

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