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Goat Horn
Voyage to Nowhere
January 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I love these kind of bands. They aren’t super fast, super heavy, or super talented but they have loads of balls, attitude, and enthusiasm and they generally could give a flying f**k about what you think about them. I get the impression they are there to get drunk, laid, stoned whatever, and not necessarily in that order!

This CD is hard to explain…it is like one big in-joke for their buddies in nowhere Ontario, Canada. Normally I could care less about the drunken frat-boy antics of some lame garage metal band…but the nagging thing is…I do care in this case…I want to be a part of their drunken frat boy antics cuz they are just so cool with the devil-may (or may not) care attitude. This is a party I want to be invited too! The photo collage and liner notes are quite humourous too. Flowers ARE dumb and Blaze Bailey DOES rock!

Ramblings aside, this drunken, grubby, alcoholic power trio (ala Venom) kick some serious ass. Tunes like “Wasted Warrior and “Alcoholic Faith” give you some lyrical concepts. Some doom, some death, a tiny bit of grunge but mostly influenced by those way cool bands like Kyuss, Cathedral that everyone claims to love but no one can name a song by because they are too drunk.

Great punchy songs, guitars and drums all over the place, murky production and this sort of evil-stoner-hippie vibe that is a really nice change of pace from the super-fast, squeaky-clean, euro-ramblings of every band coming out of Finland right now. They have some good 80’s influences as well, but mostly the darker stuff like Motorhead and W.A.S.P. I know this review doesn’t make much sense but then again neither do Goat Horn; they just live to drink and rock. Buy this CD so they can keep going. Check ‘em out at
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