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Goat Horn
Storming The Gates
October 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I really enjoyed the debut and this one is even better! Goat Horn are rapidly becoming a metal force to be contended with. Goat horn have increased the tempo, intensity and person performances without sacrificing the alcoholic fuelled groove that attracted me their sound.

STG is another indie job, minimal packaging with a cover that is a nod to power metal everywhere, until you look carefully! The band made the smart move of including lyrics and another huge photo montage. The packages is littered with ‘old school’ references and in-jokes, which I loved.

The disc is a tiny bit on the short side with seven tracks, and one 28 second instrumental and a cover of Sacrifice’s Re-animation. So nine songs clocking in at about 42 minutes isn’t too bad…it just seemed short…I wanted more!

Musically STG is far heavier, faster and much more ‘metal’ than the previous effort. This is always a good thing although it was a direction that I was surprised to see them go in. There is a shade more power metal and thrash influence laced into the catchy in the songs; less Kyuss, more Maiden.

What a great band. I really hope they tour Canada and I recommend them as a young band with heart and passion who respect the masters of the power trio (Venom, Raven, Motorhead) play hard and fast, like to party and have truly embraced the metal spirit of controlled chaos. Those attributes have come across crystal clear on STG. It won’t be long before they storm the gates AND conquer the metal fortress!
Track Listing

1. Gates of Oppression
2. Rotten Roll
3. To The Cliff
4. Final Sentence/Finally Sentenced
5. Storming In
6. Fortress Doomed
7. The Last Force
8. Re-animation
Fate Strikes


Jason Decay-Vocals & Bass
Brandon Wars-Guitar
Steel Rider-Drums



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