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Ill Innocence
November 2008
Released: 2008, Peaceville Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

OK, so the “cute Japanese girls playing ugly music” thing is over and done with now, right? We can get past that and judge Gallhammer solely based on their music, right? Good.

Or not so good – for them. I know this band has their fans, so they might want to stop reading right now. I get it, OK? They’re playing old-school Hellhammer-inspired metal with no compromise. On its own, that’s not a bad idea. What IS bad though, is the song-writing and execution of the idea. Seriously, this is just bad. The band is adept at creating absolutely appalling atmosphere (don’t get me wrong – this is a compliment). So much so, that even the masters themselves would be envious. Unfortunately the band can’t write an interesting song to save their lives. Most songs start with an interesting riff, but it’s beaten into the ground relentlessly until boredom sits in. It’s all so much uninspired bashing about.

Special mention of course has to go to what I assume must be a joke – drummer Risa Reaper’s ridiculous vocals on “Blind My Eyes”. She sounds like a squirrel caught in a vice – I kid you not.

This isn’t entirely worthless. As I said, the band usually hits upon an interesting opening riff for each song, but they just don’t seem to know where to go with it. Unfortunately, Gallhammer is just another case of the goods not meeting the hype.
Track Listing

1) At the Onset of the Age of Despair
2) Speed of Blood
3) Blind My Eyes
4) Delirium Daydream
5) Ripper in the Gloom
6) Killed by the Queen
7) Song of Fall
8) World to be Ashes
10) Long Scary Dream


Mika Penetrator: Vocals, Guitar
Vivian Slaughter: Vocals, Bass
Risa Reaper: Drums, Vocals

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