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Glenn Hughes
Soul Mover
April 2005
Released: 2005, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Glenn is back with a new studio album in his own name; last year he released a retrospect of what he achieved so far – a double live album and a DVD called SOULFULLY LIVE IN THE CITY OF ANGELS. Glenn is really a true veteran in the music industry and he has played with numerous acts like Trapeze, Deep Purple, Hughes/Thrall, Black Sabbath, to mention a few. Many of the older readers know who Glenn is, and if you’re a true hardrock fan you ought to know who he is. The list of bands, projects, and albums are long, and besides all this, he also has his own solo career going on. Glenn is called “The voice of rock”, although I’m not aware of why.

Glenn’s last solo studio album was titled SONGS IN THE KEY OF ROCK and his latest effort was to release the live album SOULFULLY LIVE IN THE CITY OF ANGELS.

I haven’t followed Glenn any closer during the years and the little that I’ve heard of his solo albums, I can describe as boring. I’ve also witnessed this legend live and that wasn’t too fun either. But of course I have to admit that he’s a legend with all that he’s done in the business. The fact that he still has his voice well intact is quite impressive compared to many of the other old singers from the 70’s and 80’s. One thing that’s annoying with Glenn’s voice is his tendency of becoming a bit “screamish” when he takes on the higher notes, but when he keeps within the frames of his vocal range it sounds really good. Glen is only one of the few people that can sing and play bass and still look cool.

Glenn continues the work with Chad Smith on drums from the Red Hot Chilipeppers, and Dave Navarro ex-Red Hot Chilipeppers contributes with lead guitar on “Soul Mover” and guitar intro on “She Moves Ghostly”. Other musicians are JJ Mash on guitar, Ed Roth on organic keys, and Glenn does all of the lead vocals, bass, and black fuzz guitar on the track “High Road”.

The production is made by the well known in melodic rock/hardrock circles, Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi, (he also produced Glenn’s previous album) and Glenn and Chad. The three musketeers have done a really nice job; having a heavy sound and being well produced. Glenn occupies the biggest part of the soundpicture with his lead vocals and heavy bass play. Glenn shares the leading soundpicture with JJ on guitar; he shows that he’s very skilled and carries the tunes perfectly. Chad shows up a varied drum play, being far from what he normally plays in Chilipeppers.

The bio lists this as being hardrock and nothing more but I have a hard time accepting that, ‘cause in my ears this sounds more like soul music based on retro 70’s hard rock, influenced by heavy pumping soul. The bio says, “His release in –01 of BUILDING THE MACHINE has a special intensity into the spheres of funk and soul. SONGS IN THE KEY OF ROCK gets back to his love of 60’s and 70’s rock”. Well I wouldn’t categorize this as simply hardrock in any way, ‘because that’s not what Glenn delivers here.

Glenn and the guys run through 12 tracks and I’d guess that the material is written by Glenn. On SOUL MOVER Glenn stays within his frame, and to my surprise he doesn’t sound so screamish at all, something that benefits him.

Even though this is very impressive it feels like has too much of the soul influence, but if you’re a fan of Glenn I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed at all. This album lies pretty high on the hardrock chart; it seems like Sweden loves this legend.

The bio says the following about SOUL MOVER, “Fans of Glenn’s will play this album over and over again and feel the intensity and raw emotion that no one else but Glenn can deliver. Turn off the lights, lock the door and turn yourself on to SOUL MOVER.

Killer tracks are the heavy soul tracks “Soul Mover” and the 70’s hardrock song “She Moves Ghostly”. The soul/funk, heavy rock’n’roll track “Orion” and “Miss Little Insane”, which also is a 70’s retro rock’n’roll track.
Track Listing

Soul Mover
She Moves Ghostly
High Road
Change Yourself
Let It Go
Dark Star
Land of the Livin’ (Wonderland)
Miss Little Insane
Last Mistake
Don’t Let Me Bleed


Glenn Hughes – Lead vocals, Bass
Chad Smith – Drums
JJ Mash – Guitar
Ed Roth – Keys
Dave Navarro – Lead guitar

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