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Glenn Hughes
First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
August 2008
Released: 2008, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Well, it’s time to review another release from Glenn “The Voice Of Rock” Hughes. This is his new studio solo album which is the follow up to his album from 2006 called MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE. Both a live CD and DVD have been released in between the previous album and this current one. Hughes continues his co-operation with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Last year Hughes was dedicated to tour around the world but now he felt that it was time to release a new studio album.

Everyone who has followed Hughes through the years knows what he’s up to now and he has definitely left his melodic hardrock/ heavy rock’n’roll years behind him. Now he’s totally into funk music. This new album is, just like the previous ones, jammed with classical rock teamed up with the good old funk music that lies so close to Hughes heart. His music may not fit into the frames of but at the end of the day is he a legend within rock and that should grant him a place here.

As always Hughes’ music is perfectly performed, the musicians are excellent and the music is full of energy as well as very complex. He has chosen to not work with the same people as before and has narrowed down the amount of musicians this time. He handles lead vocals, bass along with funk and acoustic guitar by himself. He still sounds just as good as always when he opens his mouth. I really like his voice when he sticks within his vocal range but can’t stand it when he screams.

The quality of the material feels OK and Hughes has written some really good songs. My problem with this album comes from the musical direction Hughes has moved towards. I think he sounds a little too funky for my taste but I guess that this album is a logical continuation of his later albums SOUL MOVER and MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE that included very funky and soulful material. The obvious killer tracks are “Crave”, “Love Communion” and “Never Say Never” which are all classic rock songs with some soul/funk elements. Hughes sings like a god and Smith contributes with an enormous groove. Then we have “First Underground Nuclear Kitchen” or in short “FUNK” and “We Shall Be Free” which are also are funk/soul songs but there is no rock in these songs, they’re strictly funk/soul tunes. Hughes travels too high up in his vocal range and he screams too much for my taste but that doesn’t change the fact that the songs are pretty OK.

The first part of the album feels a lot stronger compared to the second part.. I can’t say that the album is a total blow-out and perfect in every kind of way. I think it’s OK but some songs could have been erased. Maybe it’s time for Hughes to take a break to get some new inspiration. He should fade down the soul/funk influences as well as the most screamish part and he should focus on delivering a little heavier music from now on. If you’re a dedicated fan you’re sure gonna love this but for the ones who aren’t I think there’s a better way to spend your money.
Track Listing

First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
Love Communion
We Shall Be Free
Never Say Never
We Go To Far
Oil and Water
Too Late To Save The World
Where’s There’s A Will


Glenn Hughes – lead vocals, bass, guitar
Chad Smith – drums
Luis Maldonado – guitar
JJ Marsh – guitar track 9, 10
Anders Olinder – keyboards

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