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Glen Burtnik
Welcome To Hollywood
August 2004
Released: 2004, Atenzia Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Glen Burtnik is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in New Jersey. He was a part of the Asbury Park music scene during the early 80’s and often shared the stage at the infamous Stone Pony with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Little Steven and Bon Jovi. Strangely, Burtnik doesn’t live in Hollywood as his new album’s title indicates, he actually lives in New Jersey with a wife, three kids and three cats.

As a solo artist, WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD marks Burtnik’s fifth album. His first two albums, TALKING IN CODE and HEROES & ZEROS, are considered melodic rock classics.

Most people may remember Burtnik as the man who replaced Tommy Shaw in Styx and contributed some material for the EDGE OF THE CENTURY album. That album was followed by a longer tour through throughout the USA, Europe and Japan. Burtnik has also written material for Alias and John Waite to mention a few.

The biography I was sent says that Glen writes his lyrics as small novels, just like Bruce Springsteen for example, and he does it with memorable hooks and melodies. Since I only have a promotional copy and no lyrics I can’t say for sure if this is true.

I should start of by saying that I don’t have any info on which studio was used or when WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD was recorded. I don’t have any info on what other musicians were involved either. I think though that it’s Glen who wrote the sixteen tracks on the album.

Plinky Giglio and Glen Burtnik produced WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD together and they have done a pretty good job. The soundscape gives a shattered impression to say the least, but I guess that’s how Burtnik wanted it to sound. By a “shattered impression” I mean that it sounds like Burtnik does too much at the same time and so he can’t really make up his mind in what musical direction he should go. The music includes everything from melodic hard rock to slower ballads to up-tempo ballads to explosive rock ’n roll to high school punk rock.

Burtnik has a very appealing voice that fits the music, but he doesn’t really impress me that much. He says that this album is the heaviest album he’s ever done (I’ve never heard him before so I don’t know if that’s correct) and he describes it as “snapshots of life in the cult of American celebrity and a postcard from 5 years touring through the U.S.”

This album is nothing out of the ordinary at all. Sure, it’s well-written material but the whole album gives a shattered impression. The first edition of the album contains a limited edition DVD and that’s something for the fans, so they’re not going to be disappointed.
Track Listing

1. Super Boy
2. The 101
3. Welcome To Hollywood
4. Another
5. Bam
6. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
7. Heart In 3
8. Intermission
9. Roses
10. Cry
11. Whet The Shit Hits The Fan
12. Spiritual War
13. Flash Before Your Eyes
14. All That’s Yet To Come
15. The Muse
16. The Muse (Slight Return)


Glen Burtnik – lead vocals, bass, guitar

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Glen Burtnik
Welcome To Hollywood
July 2004
Released: 2004, Atenzia
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Glen Burtnik may be better known as the guy who replaced Tommy Shaw in Styx back in the early 90’s. Although this is not his first solo disc it is my first encounter with his solo work. Being familiar with his work with Styx I was somewhat curious on to what direction this disc would take.

If you are looking for Styx-like music then look elsewhere. This disc does have a few elements of early 90’s Styx but not the classic Styx we all know. This cd is all over the place with a few hard rockin’ numbers like “Super Boy” which is a fairly decent rock track. Then you get something like “When The Shit Hits The Fan” which could possibly be a Kid Rock throwaway. He should have shortened the title of it and left it as “Shit” because this rap influenced track is pure toilet material. You also get modern alternative rock track in the way of “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” which is listenable and nothing more.

There are however a couple of moments on the disc where he does do a good job. The best track on the cd is the upbeat song “Roses”. It has some hard hitting drums and excellent guitar work. If the whole album was along this vein then it would be an amazing release instead of what we ended up with.

A disc for Burtnik fans only.
Track Listing

Super Boy
The 101
Welcome To Hollywood
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
Heart In A 3
When The Shit Hits The Fan
Spiritual War
Flash Before Your Eyes
All That's Yet To Come
The Muse
The Muse (Slight Return)





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