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Gleb Poro
July 2015
Released: 2015, Lumi Rec
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Gleb Poro is a Finnish black metal composer who was born in Russia and spent his teens in the US. His one-man band bears the same name and we're presented with his third release, the instrumental “Tuonetar” which is named after the Finnish goddess of the underworld.

The album opens dark and moodily, with downtuned guitars there's a real angry and ominous feel to it. The beat is slow and doomy with a sense of hate, each time the bass pedal kicks it's like another soul is crushed under the weight of the music. Before long things speed up, the music keeps it's angry tone and I can imagine a long line of people being kicked in the head.

On the second track there are some hints of death metal influences in the style of riffing. Again, the music is very thick and heavy, I'm almost experiencing a strange sensation of being weighed down and immersed by it's gloopiness as it flows into my ears. If this music was on a spoon it would leave leave a trail and be textured like Marmite, or more fittingly, black syrup.

The riffing is memorable and done well throughout. There's definitely a lot more thought that's gone into riffing than just shredding which is good to hear from a black metal project once in a while. The album is purely instrumental, there's no vocals or lyrics at all. The instruments say all there is to say. With “Tuonetar”, Gleb Poro has created six tracks of cold and twisted darkness, embodying the essence of the underworld and the Finnish north.

By Jacob Ovington
Track Listing

1.Tuonetar I
2.Tuonetar II
3.Tuonetar III
4.Tuonetar IV
5.Tuonetar V
6. Tuonetar VI


Gleb Poro

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