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Giuntini Project
June 2006
Released: 2006, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This project is named after the leader, Italian guitar maestro Aldo Giuntini, who recently released his third catchy album called III. Aldo wanted an English-speaking singer on this album in order to have a worldwide release, and he hooked up with well-known singer Tony Martin, who also sang on the Giuntini Project’s last album. Tony Martin is sadly underestimated as a singer, so it’s really fun to hear him at his absolute best when both his voice and Giuntini’s amazing guitar play work in perfect harmony. Mr. Giuntini is a total wizard at the guitar. He plays both rhythm and lead guitars as a god and he certainly deserves to be acknowledged worldwide.

Music-wise, the Giuntini Project plays 80’s classic British heavy metal in the veins of Black Sabbath, especially on the albums HEADLESS CROSS and TYR. This is not only because Mr. Martin sings, but because the music has big similarities. III includes not only regular songs, but also two instrumental songs called “Tutmosis IV-Tarantula” and “Memories In The Sand”. There’s also a cover of the Black Sabbath song “Anno Mundi (The Vision)”. A few of the greater songs that are really worked-through and solid are “Gold Digger”, “Not Connected”, “Early Warning”, “Fool Paradise”, “Disfunctional Kid”, “Mourning Star”, “Trouble Just Keeps Coming”, “The Closest Thing To Heaven” and of course the cover of “Anno Mundo (the Vision)”. Even though the album is quite long (1 hour), it doesn’t feel that way, maybe because the whole album is so great. I can even accept the instrumental songs, only because Mr. Giuntini is such a great guitarist. Aldo Giuntini’s friend, the well known Dario Mollo, has done a production that captures every mood and intention of the musicians. Tony Martin and Mr. Giuntini are given the most space to play on and Mr. Giuntini sounds sometimes as sharp as another guitar hero, Tony Iommi, on guitar.

Giuntini Project is one of Frontiers Records’ best releases so far this year, and it takes a lot to top this splendid show off in vocals and guitar-play. This album has everything an album should have and deserves only the highest rating possible: 5.0!! If you’re interested in their previous albums, Frontiers are now releasing the last album as a mid-price edition.
Track Listing

Gold Digger
Not Connected
Que Es La Vida
Early Warning
Fool Paradise
Tutmosis IV-Tarantula
Anno Mundi (The Vision)
Disfunctional Kid
Mourning Star
Trouble Just Keeps Coming
The Closest Thing To Heaven
Memories In The Sand
Tarot Warrior


Aldo Giuntini – guitar
Tony Martin – lead vocals
Fulvio Gaslini – bass
Ezio Secomandi – drums
Dario Patti – keyboards



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