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Gigantic Brain
The Invasion Discography
January 2005
Released: 2004, Razorback Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This will be a colossal stretch for many—even those who count themselves among the legions of Razorback Records’ loyal fanbase—but if given a proper chance and an open mind, it does in fact prove ultimately rewarding. It is, essentially, “headphones” music for the grindcore set. This may seem ludicrous—and it is—but Gigantic Brain finds a weird, other-worldly way to pull it off. Whether a result of their kaiju/Mars Attacks fixation, or a simple attempt to find a niche, the band has incorporated keyboards and other bizarre effects into otherwise noisy thirty-second bursts of noise. This is not to de-emphasize the role of the guitars in the music, but it is to say that “grindcore” barely seems like an appropriate tag after about three tracks. If a young Napalm Death or Extreme Noise Terror had been given a synth, a sampler, some old OHM and Throbbing Gristle CD’s, and a huge stack of subversive comic books, this would likely be the end result.

This release is a compilation of two never-released full-length albums, a 7”, and numerous demos and EP’s. The CD’s defining moment—musically and lyrically—is “The Humans’ Military Confidence Leads To The Destruction Of Them All.” I would list other highlights, but every song seems to be a sentence and a half.

Grindcore, noise-metal, and Godzilla fans will find an intriguing listen here, even if they find themselves baffled, battered, and broken in the process.
Track Listing

01. Negotiations Lead to Instant Death (The Government is Obliterated)
02. The Humans Military Confidence Lead to the Death of Them All
03. The Most Gruesome Scene in the History of Mankind
04. UnderPiglet Crawls the Earth at High Speeds Eating Anything with a Heartbeat
05. In the Beginning
06. Burrowed in Bodies
07. The Eight Horned Beast
08. The Grizzly Impalement, One by One
09. Our Armies Fail
10. Dehumanize (Ninja Gaiden NES cover)
11. We Become the Earth (The First Stampede) - (Castlevania NES cover)
12. My Family, Crushed (The Second Stampede)
13. Not a Beating Heart, Not a Babies Cry
14. Cities, Shelled Out
15. Exo-Brain
16. Exo-Destroyer
17. Exo-Girl
18. Ingrin the Freak (Sequel to Track 42- Dungeon Freak)
19. Oh My God
20. Failure 01
21. Failure 02
22. Failure 03
23. Failure 04
24. Failure 05
25. Failure 06
26. Failure 07
27. Animal Implant
28. The Last Supper
29. Invasion
30. Bio-Casualties Inflicted by the Overlord
31. The House of Feasting (Agoraphobic Nosebleed Cover)
32. Total Humanoid Meltdown
33. Ashes Fly, Like Butterflies
34. Devoured for Science
35. Puddles of Green
36. Pump Action Decapitator
37. Phillips Head Face Lifter
38. Spiral Blood Stain
39. One Small Town for Research
40. Cheerleader Holocaust
41. Creature Made of Bone
42. Dungeon Freak
43. Early Funeral
44. Emotionally Unstable Mother of Four
45. Finishing The Cake
46. Hacksaw Kid
47. Monopoly Money Millionaire
48. My Aftermath
49. No One Loves You
50. Obey The Brain
51. Obliterated by the Super Train
52. Pigs In Space
53. The Impaler Prince
54. The Third Brand of Human
55. Ulta-Maniac, Steve
56. Together, We Make a Family
57. Tech-Battle (Gigantic Brain playing over real drums)
58. Intestinal Pott Pie (newer version)
59. Intestinal Pott Pie (older version)
60. Incredibly Deranged Piglet
61. Tickling the Exit Wound
62. Panty Pisser
63. Its Been Sick.. So I Tried to Feed It More



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