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Ghoul Patrol
The 3rd Death Manifest (demo-CD)
October 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finland´s torch bearers for some intense death´n´roll manifest, Ghoul Patrol, keep themselves active by already releasing their 2nd demo for this year. THE 3RD DEATH MANIFEST, as the title already proclaims, is Ghoul Patrol´s 3rd official recording, and it continues the band´s devoted plan to rock the world with their easily adopted death´n´roll.

For some reason or the other, every time when I listen to Ghoul Patrol´s latest effort, it brings me a host of some other – already dead and buried Finnish death´n´roll acts from the ´90s period back to my mind (Xysma, Lubricant, Pakeni, etc.), with a modern twist for a more death metal orientated stuff. “Gut Rotting Riot”, the opening song particularly, reminds me greatly of the times when Xysma recorded their 2nd album, FIRST & MAGICAL, or even Lubricant´s NOOKLEPTIA mini-album – with lots of rockin´ groove, quite distinct style of melodic riffing and the vocal patterns that are really powerful and fitting death grunts into this style. ”Hellfire Blues”, the 2nd track from this effort, is a groovy and catchy fucker too, yet it is a more death metal orientated song than “Gut Rotting Riot”. “Ghoulmate” is a slightly different song, with some ghoulish and demonic shrieks in it, and probably even some of the best solos they have come up with for their songs thus far. Other than that, the song as a whole keeps coming to haunt one´s mind for being just addictively catchy as a song.

The last song, “Crowning the Age of Apathy”, is again a very different compared to the rest of the pack on this recording, more experimental type of a song with some occasional - really cool sounding, apocalypse-type of creepy atmospheres. Dare I say, it sounds kinda like the song has absorbed a careful injection from Dimmu Borgir´s direction, especially for those apocalyptic, spoken parts. From the most part of it, however, it still is an easy-going track, with lots of groove and rockin´ elements providing an easy listen for all of us.

THE 3RD DEATH MANIFEST is a really enjoyable release from our Finnish death-rolling bunch Ghoul Patrol – and I honestly think it would be a screaming injustice if they did not land a decent record deal by this brand-new, very much quality 4-track demo of theirs.
Track Listing

01. Gut Rotting Riot
02. Hellfire Blues
03. Ghoulmate
04. Crowning the Age of Apathy


Jukka Pihlajaniemi - Vocals
Jani "Boogie" Rapo - Guitar
Albert Orma - Guitar
David Forder - Bass
Petri Mäkipää - Drums

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