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Ghost Machinery
Haunting Remains
February 2005
Released: 2004, Sound Riot Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is another band from my neighbor country in the east - Finland. The vocalist/guitar player Pete (usually in Burning Point) formed Ghost Machinery in '02. Pete had apparently tons of material that didn’t fit Burning Point, so he decided to form another band. Pete hooked up with Tapsa (Wildcard) and asked him if he was interested in doing something. Tapsa was positive and engaged his band mate Jussi so was the line up was formed.

During September '03 Ghost Machinery recorded a five track promo for labels. They didn’t search for long because the first label that heard the CD was also willing to sign a deal with the guys. Ghost Machinery signed on for two albums and so here we have the debut called “HAUNTING REMAINS”. The debut was recorded during different periods of time between December '03 and March '04 in Tonebox Oy Studio in Finland. The guys have done the producing by themselves but I have to say that they have done a pretty standard job with it. The info note describes this as power metal with neo-classical elements that includes melodic/symphonic elemnts but with heaviness and well varied power metal. Again, I can’t do nothing but agree to that description, for once the info note got it right.

This Finnish trio runs through 13 tracks on their debut and all of the material was written by Pete except for the Gary Moore cover “OUT IN THE FIELDS”. That song was sung by Ville Valonen from Sentenced. Pete has done a great job with the material and there are a lot of tempo changes in the music. Despite that, it sometimess feels like there’s something missing. To me they a major problem, they don’t have that certain “it” that’s required if you play this kind of music. Lately this genre has totally exploded with bands and you really got to have something real unique to make it and that’s something that Ghost Machinery doesn’t have. Sure, they play well played power metal but that’s something so many others play, they don’t have that extra something that needs to be added here.

But even though they are fighting with these issues, I find myself quite liking it anyway. If you’re into melodic power metal with a neo-classical flair, I think you should check this out. It’s 60 minutes of well played power metal by Pete and his friends.

Labels: AND
Track Listing

World of unbelievers
Blinded eyes
Temples of gold
Evil within us
Down in flames
From the edge of the world
Darkest hour
Fallen angels
Heaven or hell
In your (evil) dreams
Out in the fields (cover)


Pete Ahonen – lead vocals, guitar
Tapsa Pelkonen – bass, guitar
Jussi Ontero – drums

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