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Ghost Guard
Hollow Be Thy Name
December 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Ex-members and current members of such Finnish metal acts as Vomiturition, Enochian Crescent, Deathbound, ... And Oceans, Wings, Rotten Sound and Cartilage, put together a new band called Ghost Guard in 2005, released a couple of EPs on their own (THROW THE FIRST ROCK in 2005 and HATE YOURSELF DEAD in 2006), until in 2007, finally decided to enter a studio to record their debut album, which was baptized with the title HOLLOW BE THY NAME.

Musically Ghost Guard have chosen a path that goes along the road of deathcore and metalcore, sounding somewhat angry, heavy and grinding, but unfortunately neither angry enough, nor heavy enough or grinding enough either. In fact there´s nothing in them that would provide an extra turbulence to my head. The main problem for them is that they don´t differ from the safe and familiar mold a bit. This kind of stuff has been done so many times before (and better in my opinion) that I don´t find it exciting for myself any more. I´m not saying Ghost Guard lack anything regarding their skills as relatively talented musicians, but it´s their songs that seem to lack that needed final punch to make the songs stand out by their own weight, once and for all. All these songs are doing to me right now is to make my subconscious tell myself: "This sounds rather cool and nice..". But that´s about all it does, unfortunately.

I don´t know, maybe there´s just way too much earwax in my ear canals that the final signal of my own personal acceptance becomes somehow distorted before arriving up to main central of this particular individual? Or maybe it´s just me who´s getting old and simply refuse to accept anything that ends up to the word ´-core something´? Well, at least one thing is certain: Ghost Guard probably deserves your attention better than mine. I´m sorry.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Hollow Be Thy Name
03. Stillborn, Still Dead
04. Ocean of Deception
05. Last Man Standing
06. Recharged (to the Hilt)
07. Repugnant Truth
08. Stalpemouth
09. Kingdom of Me
10. Evolverine
11. Pig


Junnu - Vocals
Mikko - Guitar
Anssi - Guitar
Harri - Bass
Sami - Drums

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