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The Universality
January 2013
Released: 2012, Metalodic
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Traditionally, France has not been recognized internationally as having a strong national Metal scene. They have always had a solid domestic scene but in terms of Metal exports very few French bands have made the jump to the global stage. This decades long trend seems to be slowly shifting as more and more world-class Metal from France is making waves internationally. I'm speaking of bands like Fairyland, Kerion, Whyzdom and most recently Galderia.

The symphonic Power Metal band has been around for a number of years and after a pair of indie albums released in France, the band has signed with Canada's brightest, new label Metalodic Records. The first order of business was to release THE UNIVERSALITY. The generous 13 song album runs about 66 minutes and features a very nice piece of cover art by Felipe Machado which will certainly catch the eye of potential future Galderians. They have even modernized the font of the band name a bit, not there was anything wrong with the last one but this font is a but more streamlined and in line with the lyrical themes of the album.

Lyrically the album follows a slightly sci-fi theme, but not as much about Aliens and spaceships but more along metaphysical themes of universal destinies on cuts like 'Beyond The Cosmic Winds', 'Farspace' and the lightning paced cut, 'Raise The World'. The whole message is very uplifting and positive but thankfully not bogged down in religious dogma or political statements.

After a soaring soundtrack-like intro piece the album hits high- gear and doesn't slow down until track seven, a sweeping power ballad complete with acoustic piano and huge choirs. The preceding five songs are pure neo-classical speed Metal with huge choruses and gang vocals and choirs. This album is dramatic and epic in scope and scale as this style of Metal should be.

The animal ends with an instrumental that has a very 'Western' feel with gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar, sound effects (the cry of an eagle, cowboys, fireworks) and echoey whistling. When was the last time you heard whistling on a Metal album? It sounds like the final rolling credits score of a Clint Eastwood movie. Seriously. The song is totally and completely out of place but at the same time completely brilliant. After an hour of a galactic blitzkrieg of neo-classical Power Metal the album gently rides off into the setting sun. It is a very clever and very well done way to the end the album.

It must have only been a matter of time before a band of this calibre was discovered and pushed into the realms of broader global recognition. THE UNIVERSALITY is surely the stellar album with universal appeal that will put them on the Metal map across the known universe.
Track Listing

1. Universal Glory
2. Children of the Earth
3. Universality
4. Raise the World
5. Sundancers
6. Farspace
7. Galderians
8. Ocean of Light
9. Beyond the Cosmic Winds
10. Rising Soul
11. One Million Dreams
12. Call to the World
13. Outro


Seb Vocals, Guitar
Tom Guitar
Verdo Bass
J.C. Drums

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