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Fatal Mutiny
Existence In Extinction
March 2014
Released: 2014, Secret Port Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The last 5 years there is a very strong fan base and band base in thrash field in the lower country of Europe, Greece. I am pretty stoked that the recent years not only Greece, but also many countries –mostly USA- spawn pure and great thrash metal bands such as Suicidal Angels (Greece), Havok (USA), Warbringer (USA), Toxic Holocaust (USA), Violator (Brazil), Vektor (USA), Municipal Waste (USA) etc.

I’m pretty stoked that thrash is not a genre dying, but rekindling. Thing is, whereas bands like Havok and Toxic Holocaust really get hands inky in their approach to the whole reviving business- borrowing from the oldies, but adding freshness with their own stuff- Fatal Mutiny’s debut album, EXISTENCE IN EXTINCTION just leaves the impression that the band know how to properly operate a music Xerox machine. The uniqueness and character utilized by some of the other younger groups making thrash nowadays is simply lacking here. By the first listening to this stuff, Fatal Mutiny try to combine the complexity of Death with Kreator’s aggression. And they did that successfully. Musically speaking, this is neither cheese nor bullshit, but harsh thrash meal with lots of razor sharp riffs, speed variation and as many, catchy and mind blowing parts as you can think. Possessed-like growls and a Dark Angel-shaped attitude.

In EXISTENCE IN EXTINCTION, Fatal Mutiny manage churning out sharply played, heavily riff-orientated, kind of catchy-in-your-f@*#in’-face Thrash madness that is both intense and melodic- and keeps its listeners’ attention relatively convincingly locked into this record for about 42 minutes the album lasts.
Track Listing

1. Bloodlust
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Existence In Extinction
4. Damage Decontrolled
5. Figure Of God
6. Lament Of The Soul
7. Closing In...Time Is Gone
8. Ligeia
9. Hostile Vortex


Duke - Drums
Drakos- Bass
Jacks - Vocals, Guitar
Krig- Guitar



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