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May 2015
Released: 2015, Red Tomb Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Mighty doom merchants Candlemass have been relatively quiet for a couple of years now, but I guess on-going vocalist issues will do that to a band. Regardless, the downtime has given guitarist Lars Johansson time to indulge in another musical passion of his: ‘70s-styled bluesy hard rock. He’s brought once and current Candlemass vocalist Mats Leven along for the ride, as well as some other friends from around the Swedish music scene.

As soon as the first groovy riffs of “Walk Alone” hit, it’s clear that Fat.Mo.Mac, true to Johansson’s intent, is a throwback to pure down ‘n dirty hard rock with a Southern feel (think Stevie Ray Vaughn). Both Johansson and Leven sound amazingly comfortable playing this style, both guys showing a side of themselves rarely glimpsed in their main heavy metal jobs. In particular, the instrumental “Kickback” really lets Johansson’s talent with a guitar shine.

Make no mistake though; this is very much a BLUES rock album, meaning it can be a bit of a slog to get through if you’re not committed to this music. Large swaths of the album are slow, samey-sounding blues riffs that can be difficult to differentiate to the average listener (this includes me!). I’ve listened to the album a bunch of times and, while I definitely appreciate the craft and talent on display, I can’t say that I really enjoy it. Fat.Mo.Mac is obviously a labour of love for Johansson and I applaud his work. While metal fans my not find much value here, but pure guitar fans and those that love the blues should definitely check this out.
Track Listing

1. Walk Alone
2. So Bad It Feels
3. Broken Down
4. Kickback
5. Always Like That
6. Cold Woman
7. Memories is all There Is
8. Gearshifter
9. Get Home


Mats Leven: Vocals
Lars Johansson: Lead Guitar
Roger E.: Guitar
Klas Gunnerfeldt: Guitar
Tobbe Moren: Bass
Stefan Gunnarsson: Drums



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