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Fasano, John (Director)
Rock And Roll Nightmare (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2006, Synapse
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Brought to you by John Fasano, the same director who did BLACK ROSES, ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE rounds out the (un)holy trinity of 80’s demon Metal horror movies , along with TRICK OR TREAT. Synapse films the same people who reissued BLACK ROSES have also given ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE a nice reissue.

The DVD comes with a booklet with a long essay about Thor and the history of the film, which was also known as EDGE OF HELL in some territories. The bonus features are a pair of videos, ‘Energy’ and ‘We Live to Rock’ both with scenes from the movie to tie in as promotional features. There is a creature make-up feature running 13 minutes and for me the most interesting bonus feature is a 15-minute interview with Thor. It is called ‘Revelations Of A Rock And Roll Warrior’. There is a nice touch where they put a disclaimer on-screen saying that the Thor interview/feature contains movie spoilers. The feature is fascinating and is loaded with historical footage.

Back to the movie itself, the plot is simple. The Tritonz get away to a deserted farmhouse with their well-endowed girlfriends with tight tops (who very seldom wear bras thankfully) to practice and relax. Before long their music raises demons and people start dying and like most of these movies, all hell breaks loose! Thor transforms into a superhero who eventually fights a demon. Originally he was to be an Archangel sent to fight the demons but the character evolved into ‘The Intercessor’ superhero character.

There are several cutting edge puppet/horror scenes and some decent (for the time special effects, comparable to those seen in similar puppet-creature horror movies of the time, such as Ghoulies, Gremlins and Critters.

Like many ‘cult’ movies you have to be a part of the cult to get it. ROCK AND ROLL was one of those time and place movies that I enjoy fully and thoroughly with any sense of criticism irony or sarcasm. I’m a big fan of the music of the mighty Thor and this movie was lots of fun. For more comments about the music, feel free to read my review of reissue of the ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE soundtrack as well.
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