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September 2012
Released: 2011, Lupus Lounge
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Insects are, at the best of times, incredibly annoying. Ants ruin picnics, bees sting you and spiders leave the bravest of men as quivering wrecks in the corner. Farsot have cleverly named their album Insects, probably to reflect the annoying nature of their second full-length.

The opening track is a bit of a teaser, some weird static noise led me to believe that I had blown my speakers listening to a considerably better band, when the music did finally kick in I wished more than anything that my speakers had blown, out of place vocal samples perching precariously on top of disastrously uninspired music with fairly average screams pushing through the mix. With metal music you can easily describe albums in terms that would sound absurd in a positive sense, a disgusting riff, gut wrenching vocals, but with Farsot each track that passes is like Chinese water torture. I mean that in the worst possible sense, it is agony.

The biggest problem with Insects (I know, it was going so well till now) is that it is boring. Its existence can just about be tolerated when it was just bad, but this album is really, really boring and musically that is a crime.

Interview by Sam McKavanagh
Track Listing

1. Like Flakes Of Rust
2. Empyrean
3. Perdition
4. 7
5. Adamantine Chains
6. The Vermilion Trail
7. Withdrawal
8. Somnolent


v.03/170 – Bass, keyboards
R 215k – Drums
Pi: 1T 5r – Guitars
3818.w – Guitars
10.XIXt - Vocals

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