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For Those Who Love to Kill
April 2009
Released: 2008, No Colours Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This ain´t the best way from a label to promote their bands. Sending a plain CD with absolutely zip info along with it (no track listing, no any kind of info kit - to put it simply, no-nothing at all), isn´t actually the most hopeful thing to sink your teeth into something, and start writing something about it. Or is it? Oh well, this particular disc in question that is making some loud noises out from my speakers right at the very moment, is anyway sort of a compilation CD from the Brazilian old school thrashers Farscape, containing somewhat rare material from them prior to and after their 2 full-length albums, DEMON´S MASSACRE (2003) and KILLER ON THE LOOSE (2006).

In case you haven´t ever heard about Farscape before, just use your imagination a little bit, and try to melt some old Sacrifice stuff together with Kreator´s ENDLESS PAIN era and SENTENCE OF DEATH era Destruction; then throw in a couple of spoonfuls of SCHIZOPHRENIA era Sepultura as a fitting spice and bake everything with a true old school metal attitude and determination to sound like a madly raging old school thrash act and... There you have it. :o) It´s as simple as that actually.

FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO KILL is obviously targeted toward the most die-hard maniacs of the band who want to collect everything that has ever been released from these relentless Brazilian thrash maniacs. Not that everyone who has his/her own ankles deep down in the old school thrash genre history-wise, couldn´t want to try this out as his/her first curious touch to this absolutely killer Brazilian thrash outfit. But let me still warn you that this collection will not offer the best possible picture about them how they are like, since both of their albums, DEMON´S MASSACRE and KILLER ON THE LOOSE, pretty much manage to wipe the floor with this 15-song collection of the band´s rarities, representing Farscape the way they are at their best.

However, if you feel an urgent need to start knowing Farscape better with the help of this release, then feel free to do so, and by all means get it for yourself. Anyway, just count on me that both of their real studio albums are simply better than this collection of their ´hard-to-find-nowadays´ material. Therefore I would recommend this release for the die-hard maniacs of the band only, and naturally all of you rich bastards who always have a few extra $$$ hidden in your fuckin´ pants... Fuckers!
Track Listing

01. Mercenary Love's House*
02. Billy the Butcher*
03. Church of Golden Lies*
04. Politicians (The Exploited cover)*
05. Thrash until You Drop**
06. Electric Fist**
07. 666 on Your Grave**
08. Doctrine Sickness***
09. Hatebreeder***
10. Captivity of Souls***
11. Bizarre Sex Machine***
12. Eternal Suffering of Flesh***
13. Killers on the Stage****

* Recorded on Nov 2007
** From the 4-way split 12" released by Deathstrike 2005
**** 3 x live songs from 2003 including Kreator and Sacrifice covers


WitchCaptor - Vocals and guitar
PoisonHell - Guitar
WhipStriker - Bass
SkullKrusher - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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