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March 2006
Released: 2003, Dark Sun Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Damn, I love Brazil... well, to be more precise, the Brazilian Metal scene especially when bands like Farscape happen to come on my way (and those dark, beautiful Brazilian women that Brazil has become famous for, of course!). Every time when I listen to the band´s debut album DEMON´S MASSACRE - a wide, happy grin tends to cover my face largely from one ear to another. Wonder why? Simply because from the very first moments when the title track of the album DEMON´S MASSACRE starts filling the space in the air, you know right away which school this Brazilian 4-some, deep down from Rio Janeiro, come from musically. A mercilessly relentless, ´80s old-school Thrash Metal is undoubtedly Farscape´s thing, sort of reminding me of the times of Kreator´s ENDLESS PAIN - and Sacrifice´s TORMENT IN FIRE and Destruction´s SENTENCE OF DEATH albums. Farscape pays incredibly much homage to that ´80s Thrash –era, concentrating to churn out a relatively simple, straight-to-the-point, but absolutely ridiculously catchy and shamelessly addictive Thrash Metal which should warm every old-school Thrash banger´s heart for sure. It worked exactly that way for me at least and I bet there´s even a fairly good chance that you´ll be shaken by the band´s highly heart-warming, naturally done, full-on Thrash Metal attacks next if you have ever felt any comfortable with some of these ´80s Thrash Metal acts like Kreator, Sacrifice, Destruction, Slayer and similar sounding bands. It´s easy to hear that these Brazilian fellows have been digging and swearing into the name of this particular style forever - of course with the mandatory rivet – and bullet belts, tight black jeans, wearing on underground Metal band shirts in their promo shots, etc. - otherwise there´s just no way that they could have succeeded in creating something as convincing sounding, strongly ´80s flavored Thrash Metal songs as they have done on DEMON´S MASSACRE. The band´s vocalist behind a kinda funny (!) nickname "WitchCaptor" even sounds amazingly much like a younger version of Mille (Kreator) back in the day, so what else would you possibly need from your old-school Thrash Metal? C´mon, you just gotta bow and respect them for representing all that even if they ain´t any leaders of this genre in the first place at all - only followers, but damn fucking great followers in my opinion for sure!

Nonetheless, Farscape is definitely quite a wet dream for all old-school thrashers, so just go and check them out! I can even bet my left nut that you´ll hardly regret it.
Track Listing

01. Demon's Massacre
02. Assassin
03. Doctrine Sickness
04. Hatebreed
05. Unholy Cross
06. Violent Sacrifice
07. Funeral Lust
08. Carrasco Do Metal
09. No Remorse To Kill
10. Sacrifice (Sacrifice cover)


Witchcaptor - Vocals, guitar
Whipstriker - Bass, backing vocals
Poisonhell - Guitar, backing vocals
Skullkrusher -Drums

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