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April 2016
Released: 2016, Sound Age Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Coming out of St. Petersburg, Russia is Fangorn, a band of self-described eco-anarchists. I admit that I’m not too familiar with that term, but judging by the striking cover art, they are heavily into nature, ecology, fantasy, etc. A little bit of research uncovers that the band’s history dates back to 2007 and they actually have 2 previous full albums to their credit. INFERNO is the band’s third release, an unfortunately short EP of 4 tracks.

Why unfortunately? Because INFERNO kicks ass! The band plays a hybrid folk/melodic death/traditional metal with strong washes of keyboards. The closest comparative that I can come up with would be modern day Amorphis. Whatever the case, the songs presented on this EP are uniformly great, whether it’s the stomping, anthem-like title track (my personal favorite), the catchy “First Song”, or the acoustic ballad closer, “Where the Tales Live On”. O’er top, Vitaliy Senchecnko’s strong, clear vocals are mixed with growls to add some extra power to the music. Again, it’s not necessarily ground breaking, but it IS an excellent concoction and I can easily see fans of Amorphis, Ensiferum, etc. getting into this.

There’s not much more to say; INFERNO is nothing less than 20 minutes of terrific folk metal that quickly made me a fan. It’s played well, produced well, and wrapped in a cool cover. I can’t wait to hear what the band comes up with next, but in the meantime I’ll be digging into their previous works. Check ‘em out!
Track Listing

1. First Song
2. Behind Right Shoulder
3. Inferno
4. Where the Tales Live On


Vitaliy Senchenko: Vocals, Keyboards
Sergej Murav’jov: Guitar
Alexander Malyshev: Guitar
Vladimir Pronin: Bass
Ivan Kashirin: Drums



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