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False Coda
Closer To The Edge
June 2014
Released: 2014, Steel Gallery
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

One of the newer bands on the scene, Greek False Coda is just one of those groups that, pretty much from the get-go, you know these guys should be/need to be huge. What I mean by that? Listen to their album, CLOSER TO THE EDGE and you will be completely aware of what I say. At least huge in this rarefied style of modern, progressive metal, rock/fusion infused music.

False Coda’s trademarks are heavy, harmonically inventive chords, knockout jazz fusion-inspired guitar lines, inventive rhythms and, in what maybe sets this band apart from other progressive style bands, some pretty goddamn great melodic hooks. CLOSER TO THE EDGE’s got its own musical identity and is the result of the progressive evolution that Dream Theater Psychotic Waltz and Fates Warning have been undertaken since over two decades and ever after.

Let’s take a closer look at the album’s content and context. The album is very well thought out – with just the right mixture of heaviness and lightness. Clean vocals and heavy guitar riffs and melodic tunes everywhere. The middle of the album has a large portion of powerful “near power metal” touches. There are also quiet reflective moments throughout the entire album that might be kind of risky in less skilled hands but to me are the perfect offset to the heavier and more intense parts. I have to say that I do like very much the Deep Purple-laden parts in keyboards “Room of Panic” and the great “Paranoid’s” riff in “Blood On Eyes”.

The musicianship is actually superb (my favorite tracks are “Respect” with its heavy riff and the divine keyboards and “Picture” with its heavy/groove opening riff), with all of the members easily able to play the material completely accurately. Of course, CLOSER TO THE EDGE is not of the same complexity, technicality and experimentation of PW’s works, it’s much more closer to Dream Theater and Fates Warning with very strong bases in heavy metal.

False Coda is not another one “wanna-be-prog-band”. These guys have some serious musical ambitions and seemingly do have the chops to pull it off while managing to keep their music both grounded and accessible.
Track Listing

1.Simple Rules
2. Code of Kindess
3. Picture
4. Closer to the Edge
5. Room of Pain
6. Respect
7. Blood on Eyes


Manos Xanthakis - Vocals
Bill Milios - Guitars
Andrew Milios - Drums
Nick Pogkas - Bass
Lefteris Kapetanios - Keyboards

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