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Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed
December 2011
Released: 2011, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Employing someone known as ‘The Hitman’ to play in your band is certainly the sort of statement, which can’t help but coax a little curiosity. When on closer inspection you discover he’s been hired to play trombone for a bunch of Canadian metallers, it’s clear that this is either an approximation of madness or under-sung genius.

Thankfully Fallstaf just about tip the balance into the latter category, although you’re still under no obligation to consider them sane. Their Facebook profile notes where the name Fallstaf came from, Shakespeare none the less, which suggests it’s a question they get asked with grating frequency.

Nothing ventured is nothing gained though, and although we’re spinning through sub-genres at a bizarre rate, still ‘brass metal’ as Fallstaf call it is a new one to me. If you were wondering just how heavily the trombone actually features, or whether it’s all just a once-upon-a-show gimmick, opening track ‘Dark Days’ sets you straight with its first notes tumbling from that wide mouth.

Besides this more unusual addition, the other ingredients in Fallstaf’s melting pot are more conventional – aggressive grooves, hardcore elements, and vocals that remind of Corey Taylor at times. Generally Fallstaf have managed to marry this unlikely pairing relatively well in tracks such as ‘My Demons’, but there are times when it doesn’t quite fit like a jagged piece when all you need is a straight-edge. What you’re left with there is a gaping hole in your finished picture.

Ultimately, whilst Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed offers a soapbox for brass metal to shout from, a little more work is required to work out the kinks and turn brass into a solid gold winning formula.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs
Track Listing

1. Dark Days
2. The Cost
3. Eulogy
4. Not Welcome
5. Pull The Knife
6. My Demons (acoustique)
7. Ten Years In Flames
8. The Hounds
9. Fuck The Fence
10. My Demons
11. Violent as Violence Can Be


Vocals – Iann
Bass – Benn
Guitars – Simm
Drums – Matt
Horns – The Hitman

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