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Fall of Empyrean
A Darkness Remembered
March 2006
Released: 2004, Oak Knoll Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

Hell yes! A DARKNESS REMEMBERED is how a deadly slab of Doom Metal should sound like! It surely has a masters degree in the fine art of shredding; shredding wrists that is. This six piece from Arizona really impressed me here and proved that they, together with November’s Doom, are really putting the US in the Doom Metal map. Hopefully in the near future we will have more bands from this country doing such an amazing job.

I, as many reviewers do, don’t like doing comparisons between one band and another, but I surely feel that in most of the cases, this genre-defining-band-naming process really helps the reader to understand how a bands sounds/or sort of sounds like, so here I go again. I find Fall of Empyrean’s music clearly stuck in the mid 90’s Doom Metal movement. They have many traces from greats like Anathema in their first three releases, Paramecium and Celestial Season, especially when the riffs get heavier than a mammoth yet groovy as Black Sabbath.

Every single note in A DARKNESS REMEMBERED rides the wounded hearts highway. Here and there you will find more enlightening riffs that will take you to a more comfortable place, but as soon as they are about to give you hope, bam, they are stepped on by your worst sonic nightmare.

Besides songs like “The Fading Light”, “No Hope Before Me” and “Into Emptiness I fall”. I really want to say that Richard Medina’s ultra mournful growls are fucking awesome. He does an incredible interplay between his tomb vox and his higher one. It will truly give you chills when they interact together.

It is always fun and rare to get a CD in your mail that truly kills and that you had no idea about. A DARKNESS REMEMBERED is just that and I can guarantee you that it has already earned its place in my CD collection, and believe me, it is not an easy task to achieve. So there you go, it has been said, it has been done and now is your turn to feel it, cry it, mourn it. Fall of Empyrean is truly a band that deserves to be here. Give them your respect. Now weep and buy. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

1. The Fading Light
2. Slowly Dying Inside
3. No Hope Before Me
4. Into Emptiness I Fall
5. Failure
6. Fallen Ways of God
7. A Mourner's Tears
8. In the Shadows of the Sun


Cristobal Félix - guitar
Richard Medina - vocals
Daniel Sobeck - bass
Justin Burning - guitar
Kevin Leeds - keyboard

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