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May 2011
Released: 2011, Napalm Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

I have never heard of Falkenbach despite it going all the way back to 1989. Unfortunately this release doesn’t reflect being in the game for so long as one word can describe TIURIDA: repetitiveness

Falkenbach practices a folk metal style which bears resemblance to many other folk metal, and the like, inspired bands. This is not a bad thing even though Falkenbach does not present the listener with anything new or overly exciting.

Featured in the album many times is a gentle “folkish” sound with guitar bits placed more at the front of the sound picture. And this gets really dull.

The tempo through the whole album is mid-paced and everything is put in a traditional setting in the optic of folk metal. Even the black metal vocal is there too. One of the positive aspects of TIURIDA, however, is the appealing and soothing melodies which appear throughout the album. However, generally everything has been tried before, and done better.

Falkenbach’s release TIURIDA is the sort of release that can, despite this negative review, be very interesting to fans of the genre. In that sense a 3/5 might be in place based on our (Metal-Rules) scoreboard: But I simply find the tracks on TIURIDA too characterless to give it a 3.
Track Listing

Track Listing:
01. Intro 1:38
02. ...Where His Ravens Fly... 7:25
03. Time Between Dog And Wolf 6:01
04. Tanfana 5:32
05. Runes Shall You Know 5:59
06. In Flames 7:53
07. Sunnavend 5:51


Vratyas Vakyas – All melodies and arrangements

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