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Funny Money
Back Again
October 2005
Released: 2004, Perris Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

A re-release of the out of print cd BACK AGAIN featuring bonus tracks from the also OOP disc EVEN BETTER LIVE. Funny Money features 3 members of the band Kix, most notably is singer Steve Whitman whose distinct vocal ability adds considerably to this recording. One would swear it is the Kix of old that we all listened to back in the day.

Funny Money started out as a weekend project for front man Steve. A band to go out and play with on weekends, have a laugh and make some dough (hence Funny Money). They released their third album SKIN TO SKIN recently which helped spark an interest in them again and the great people at Perris re-issued this great cd. Its refreshing to hear some goodtime fun music again. This is allot better than the depressing lyrics of today’s music that seems to be taking over the airways.

The disc features 8 Studio and 6 Live tracks. The energy is captured pretty well on the studio ones which is a hard thing to do. Starts off like good ‘ol 80’s Glam Metal and sticks with it throughout. This is classic party tunes to the hilt. I am not going to go into much detail here but between the musicianship and Steve’s unique vocals this is one sold offering. The 80’s are still alive and in the form of Funny Money.
Track Listing

1. Resurrection (Back Again)
2. Funny Money
3. Pink Glasses
4. Sloppy Kisses
5. Wrapped Around You
6. Horny Little Angel
7. Damage Control
8. I Felt Everything
9. Owe It All To You
10. Boogie Man (live)
Bonus Tracks
11. I'm Your Whore - Live
12. Art of Persuation - Live
13. Baby Blues - Live
14.You Rub Me the Right way - Live
15. Off My Rocker – Live


Steve Whiteman - vocals
Jimmy Chalfant - drums
Dean Cramer - guitar
Rob Galpin - guitar
Mark Schenker - bass



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