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Fueled By Fire
Plunging into Darkness
August 2012
Released: 2012, Noise Art Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After countless personnel rotations Fueled by Fire have finally fine tuned their sound to some degree and began rocking the scene in 2002. This Thrash metal band from Norwalk, California, has re defined modern day thrash. Let’s start on guitars.

Rick (vocals/guitar) and Chris (Lead guitars) have really made a name for themselves as thrash mad! Keeping up with the same principles as thrash metal legends; Slayer, Overkill, Testament, Anthrax etc. With fast paced palm mutes and immense riffage as well as killer solos, they create an immensely fast paced album from the title track The Arrival to the final, bonus track Deadly restraints.

Now Carlos and Chris add to the power of this album with their fast paced bass riffs and immense blast drumming through out, opening all the dimensions of this album. To hear anyone of these tracks (especially Eye of the Demon) at a club or even one of their live shows would get your heart pounding.

Now the thing that stopped this album, in my eyes, from getting a 5/5 is the vocals, in a thrash metal band your used to something either power mad or just melodic, in this album, sadly, the vocals sound too much like they should be in a hardcore style band like Your Demise. In some songs Rick does have that thrash edge to him but most the time I’m hearing hardcore.

But the album is still a fast paced beast that is filled with thrash. So if you wanna hear a band that gets your heart pumping, these guys will do just that.

Review by: Wolf Shankland
Track Listing

1. The Arrival
2. Rising from Beneath
3. Within the Abyss
4. Unidentified Remains
5. Plunging into Darkness
6. Eye of The Demon
7. Intro
8. Evoke The Curse
9. Amongst The Dead
10. Sickness of Humanity
11. Mass Infestation
12. Deadly Restraints (Bonus Track)


Vocals/guitar: Rick
Drums: Carlos
Bass: Anthony
Lead Guitar: Chris



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