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Freedom Gray
Blackout Diary
February 2009
Released: 2008, Raven Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

As for the starters, let´s get some basics straight. In Turkey, metal music isn´t as popular at all, than - let´s say, somewhere in the central Europe or Scandinavia. However, I have said it before and I´ll say it again that great bands can come from any corners of this dying planet Earth - even places like Iraq, or Nepal. Freedom Gray, however, comes from Turkey and I have to say that countries like Turkey and India are becoming some of my favorite countries whenever I wanna expand my horizon a little bit and do some researching for some quality bands that are coming from those two countries nowadays.

And speaking of quality, everything reeks finely of these 7 letters in question in Turkish Freedom Gray´s case. Freedom Gray´s dearest game consists of elements that come from melodic death metal, added with bits of heavy and thrash metal. In fact, it´s later era Death (ála INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS - and from that album on) that Freedom Gray could be compared to. Not so much either musically, or technically perhaps, but certainly mostly because of Murat Akca´s very similar vocals to Chuck´s. He truly sounds like Chuck´s long lost twin brother, and it´s hard to not resist his strong vocal delivery in any way, which is full of jaw-dropping anguish and sort of indissoluble tension. Closest to ´90s era Death is in a song called "Bitter Fame", which - to be honest with all of you, sounds a bit rip-off from some Death song that I cannot spit out from my head right now. One could even say it belongs to some Death album - and I wouldn´t throw out a negative argument toward anyone who could address me that particular Death album where "Bitten Fame" has been taken from. Similarities are so strong in this tune that Death´s influence on Freedom Gray doesn´t need any further proofs really.

Talent-wise, we talk about a really skilled group here that can convince even most of us demanding metal listeners for sure. For the fans of Death - and naturally Freedom Gray, this is a mandatory purchase - and for others it´s still very much worth checking out release, I believe. Both Murat and Abdurrahman are two fine yet very talented guitar wizards who can create fantastic solos and also put together weighty riffs into a far bigger piece that make justification for something what we have normally used to call as a great and very pleasing result. With two fully instrumental songs on BLACKOUT DIARY, "Intruder" and "Dungeons Within", the listener gets even a better opportunity to taste the true skills of this amazingly good Turkish metal group. Listening to these two instrumentals, it becomes evident very soon that the band has everything that it needs to sound like a very solid metal band, and to make a well-executed metal record. Freedom Gray will surely get closer attention from me personally from this day on. And they will be on your ´must-check-out´ list next - just mark my words for that! ;o)
Track Listing

01. Unenlightened
02. Others in Colors
03. The Fallow
04. Words of Tragedy
05. Bitter Fame
06. Blackout
07. Axiom Denied
08. Coma Life Autopsy
09. Entity
10. Intruder
11. In Between
12. Tubular Worlds
13. Dungeons Within


Murat Akca - Vocal & guitars
Abdurrahman Simsek - Guitars
Koray Akkin - Bass guitars
Kemal Sozer - Drums

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