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Fuck the Facts
Unnamed E.P.
March 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Fuck the Facts have spent the last 10 years punishing audiences across the map with their unique brand of spastic grind. With a handful of full lengths and more splits than Oprah’s leisure pants, Fuck the Facts have managed to set themselves apart from the pack by incorporating traditional metal elements and enough organic noise to make even the most calloused ears cringe with delight. After a couple of full lengths released through Relapse Records, Fuck the Facts is back with a new self released 7 inch E.P., UNNAMED. A short and sweet sample of the best that the band has to offer, UNNAMED is possibly the best 10 minutes of grind you’re likely to hear this year.

From start to finish, UNNAMED punches you relentlessly in the face – and you’ll ask for more. Punctuated blasts of corrosive hostility are wrapped in layers of real song structure and even some well placed (GASP) melody. The songs are short and to the point, but have enough going on to stand out from each other and stick in your head. Not to mention that female vocalist Mel Mongeon makes Angela Gossow sound like Karen Carpenter. Seriously, somebody get this lady a throat lozenge.

The first four tunes are exclusive to this E.P., while “La Tete Hors De L’eau” and “Doghead” have appeared on some of Fuck the Facts earlier releases. But that doesn’t matter much, because you likely haven’t heard them before and they’re great tunes regardless. UNNAMED releases at the end of this month and is available through the band’s website (limited to a mere 500 copies on either black or clear vinyl). The short play time and limited release may turn some off, but UNNAMED is a satisfying hit and run worth exploring.
Track Listing

2. Loss Upon Loss
3. Wake
4. Time is a Dictator
5. La Tete Hors De L’eau
6. Doghead


Topon Das - guitar
Mel Mongeon - vocals
Mathieu Vilandre - drums, guitar
Marc Bourgon - bass, vocals

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