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Reaper Subconscious Guide
December 2010
Released: 2010, Agonia Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Norwegian one-man act Furze dedicates the band´s 4th full-length studio album to the legacy of early 70's Black Sabbath, basically because of being the biggest innovator for both Rock and Metal music in general.

I can also wholeheartedly fully subscribe Woe J. Reaper´s statement about the importance of Black Sabbath´s music to the whole Rock/Metal world. I don´t have to hesitate a second to say that Black Sabbath are unquestionably the most important Rock/Metal band of all time. Actually, without them, Heavy Rock/Metal music would hardly be anything like what it has evolved and become these days.

As for Furze´s 4th opus REAPER SUBCONSCIOUS GUIDE, unfortunately I am having a bit of a hard time imagining how much influence or importance it may have for further generations to come – let´s say after 30 or 40 years? Maybe nothing at all, but that´s more or less unessential as it´s the stone-hard fact that no band can ever reach the same level of mightiness that Black Sabbath reached for over many decades – and over many generations as well.

Furze is labeled as ´Psychedelic Black Metal´, and I can clearly see and understand why that terminology is often tagged to them. There´s a hefty dose of ´70s avantgard-ish psychedelia on this record – put in action the same way Sabbath had on their early albums. This, a sweetly pot smelling musical hippy-like craziness (or creativeness – whatever you may prefer) added with Furze´s own main colors containing mainly black and white, also create the main mystic ground for the band. It provides an original and unique musical psychedelia, that turns out more or less hard nut on R.S.G. to be broken. I admit that momentarily this only 5-track opus really managed to surprise me by its somewhat clever arrangements to capture both ´70s psychedelic Rock and primitive and raw underground Black Metal of the later times, but unfortunately only momentarily. Iommi´s heritage can be heard in guitar riffs on this record, in unquestionable – and evidently is something that won´t be left unnoticed either. The last song on this record, “Essential Wait”, is nearly a 13-minute, very Sabbath-tinged tune – and that´s also where Mr. Reaper has succeeded best to create a certain mood and atmosphere that throw listeners back in time; back to Sab´s debut album – and especially to the title track of their self-titled debut, “Black Sabbath”. Great stuff.

REAPER SUBCONCIOUS GUIDE will obviously divide people to two different camps: To those who dig and understand what´s going in it, enjoying the fruits of creativeness that it offers – and to those people who may probably never even give it a second chance for this opus. I am currently somewhere in between with this record as we speak, having not make up my mind yet.
Track Listing

01. Earlier Than the Third Might of the Cosmos
02. It Leads
03. Immortal Lecture
04. The Bonedrum
05. Essential Wait


Woe J. Reaper - Vocals and all instruments

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