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Lethal Protector
March 2016
Released: 2016, Underground Power Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Comics and metal. Most would consider that a worthy combination. Frenzy hails from Madrid, Spain and formed in 2014. LETHAL PROTECTOR is the bands delayed EP that is now finally seeing a release, and for me it has been worth the wait. The EP comic book cover art fulfills the promise of combining comic themed visuals with the music and lyrics. Frenzy have chosen an appropriate name that combines elements of Racer X and Accept but with a strong leaning towards traditional and true metal. This is metal done right.

Naming your band after a Racer X song gives you a good idea of what you are going to get. LETHAL PROTECTOR is a quick hitter, offering 5 tracks of which only one eclipses the five minute mark. Each song is memorable, the band aiming for and executing a nearly flawless EP. Anthony Stephen has a wide range and wastes no time introducing his versatility in the opening title track about the comic book character Venom. Both guitarists are chunky and speedy rhythm players that are more than capable of shredding when it is solo time. “Sin City Calls” is probably my favorite song, with thick rhythms, clean guitars and a bass line during the verse that admirably lends fullness to the song. “Ride To Be Free” is the speedster where you can hear several Paul Gilbert fills through the fast pace of the song along with a worthy guitar.

Concluding the album is a faithful cover of Racer X’s “Loud And Clear”, though the casual fan would never know it, so well does it fit the band’s style. LETHAL PROTECTOR is slab of welcome and technical metal that will not win awards for originality, but it should earn merit for its energetic delivery. Obviously fans of Racer X will want to check out Frenzy, but any fan of traditional heavy metal should find more than enough enjoyment from LETHAL PROTECTOR.
Track Listing

1. Lethal Protector

2. Change to Green

3. Sin City Calls

4. Ride to Be Free

5. Loud and Clear (Racer X cover)


Anthony Stephen: Vocals
Angel “Choco”: Bass Guitar
Rubén Salvador: Drums
Luis Pinedo: Lead Guitar
Víctor Díaz: Lead Guitar

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