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Freevil Burning
November 2007
Released: 2007, Nastified Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"The ultimate sickness from Sweden featuring members of Denata, Witchery and Seance..". Here it is. The first official fruit from the 3 ex-members of some known Swedish thrash/death metal combos that have envisioned what a band named Freevil could be when putting the whole concept of Freevil into the form of metal music. It´s a mishmash of basically all these three fellows´ previous bands, cooked in a mild broth of some experimental spices that truly add their own specific flavor into Freevil´s well-crafted metallic assault. Freevil´s true strength is having ears for catchy song arrangements that all sound like the band has spent some precious hours with rehearsing and shaping their songs - and overall really dedicating all their time to make the songs work for FREEVIL BURNING.

That particular mission has been well accomplished by this talented Swedish trio. Freevil´s mixture of thrash, death and black´ish metal with a strong progressive and experimental touch, has been done with good taste. There´s actually no ´filler´ on this release; every song stands out on its own merits - some better, some a bit less better. The band uses lots of keyboard parts behind the songs, but not in a way that could be overpowering or dominating their song structures too much. The keyboard´s purpose on the songs is obviously pretty much to create a sort of spooky and somehow twisted soundtrack´ish soundscapes around each song - and that´s what it really does. Probably due to Mique´s raspy and sand paper-dry vocal style, it brings occasionally the Norwegian experimental metallers Ram-zet to my mind every once in a while, whereas a song titled "B.O.B.", has a familiar Inner Thought-flavor in it (anyone still remember these Canadian industrial death metal metallers, a band formed by Boddy Sadzak from Slaughter?). Other than that, I personally find Freevil´s style of metal very tempting and sort of addictive for myself. There really aren´t too many bands out there these days doing similar style to Freevil´s, so my sincere thumbs up for them for at least trying to be ´different´ by style, and wandering through their own path full of musical challanges. Hopefully there´ll also be a continuation to this very promising release some day in the future.
Track Listing

01. Deathblow
02. Killing Spree
03. Live the Lie
04. Dead End Pressure
05. Morbid December
06. Hate
07. Toxicated
08. B.O.B
09. Roadkill
10. Infected World


Mique Flesh - Vocals & drums
Tomas Andersson: Guitars & additional Vocals
Roger Blomberg - Bass

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Freevil Burning
November 2007
Released: 2007, Nastified Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Shortly after the thrash/heavy metal act Denata were put to rest another band rose from its ashes. The new creation is called Freevil and it includes the former Denata members Andersson and Blomberg along with the ex-Seance/Witchery drummer Mique Flesh. They have also taken in Phanatos on synths and FX. Flesh doesn’t only do drums; he’s also in charge of the vocals with some help from Andersson. I thought it was pretty sad when the Denata were put to rest and you can believe I was glad when I read about Freevil. I have been impatiently waiting for this album and I’m happy to be able to present the Freevil debut.

If you think that Freevil is gonna sound anything like Denata, you’re wrong. Freevil is more of an extreme metal band; they sound like thrash/heavy metal blended with some death metal. It sounds incredibly mean and Flesh hisses his vocals and sounds a little like the old Witchery singer Toxine at times. He’s gotten help from Andersson, who comes in and contributes some pure death metal vocals and when alongside Phanatos’ crazy keyboard parts it feels like an old Nosferatu/horror movie. They have skipped guitar solos and instead focus on delivering overall heavy-blasting rhythm guitar parts which feels absolutely right in this context.

It has taken the band a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get the ten tracks in order and there isn’t a single bad track. The material is extremely well-written and even though some songs are slower they haven’t compromised the heaviness at all. They’ve managed to find just the right dose of meanness and brutality this album needs. Even though I do like the parts Phanatos contributes, I wish they’d narrowed down his piano/keyboard and FX parts a little. Otherwise, this is a brilliant debut, but what else would you expect from these hard-hitting guys? It’s not an easy album that you can listen to once and then get; it takes a few times before you can fully enjoy it, but when you do you won’t be able to put FREEVIL BURNING aside. I strongly recommend this debut to any fan of extreme metal and FREEVIL BURNING is one of the albums you ought to purchase during 2007.
Track Listing

1. Deathblow
2. Killing Spree
3. Live the Lie
4. Dead End Pressure
5. Morbid December
6. Hate
7. Toxicated
8. B.O.B
9. Roadkill
10. Infected World


Tomas Andersson – guitar, additional vocals
Mique Flesh – vocals, drums
Roger Blomberg – bass Armageddon
Phanatos - synths, FX

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