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From These Wounds
July 2007
Released: 2007, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Heliogabalus

The music of FROM THESE WOUNDS occupies an utterly singular position within the contemporary Funeral Doom and Scandinavian sludge musical landscape, shattering any sort of aesthetic or metal-obsessive categorizing that would endear Funeral to the extreme music masses.

The thematics of FROM THESE WOUNDS are concerned with representations of the limit experience, which the French surrealists call jusqu’auboutisme or “all the way to the endedness;” consequently, FROM THESE WOUNDS discourse of life and death, rifling with bodily orifices and violence, are both jarringly material and philosophical. Actually, fuck it, let’s not overcomplicate anything. Funeral has released a fucking incredible album.

Most tracks are a sullen, lurching, infectious “hope falls dead at the feet of the unholy” type crestfallia – bringing to mind Magic: The Gathering pestilence artwork. Everything is cold and dry…while at the same time thickly textured, orchestrated (not in a symphonic pretentious sense), and hulkingly melodic.

Sonically, the album is summed up with clean-vocal drones, slogging percussion, and mid-tempo riffage (comparable to November’s Doom and Lycanthia). On paper that can be written about any doom band…but there’s a certain honesty or frankness behind the execution of FROM THESE WOUNDS that totally strangled me. Perhaps it has something to do with Funeral’s recent history. Apart from being christened, by an American record label, “The Most Depressing Band in World” in 1994 (in regards to their TRISTESSE demo), Funeral has, within the last few years, fell on some terrible misfortune. In 2003 bassist/songwriter Einar Frederiksen committed suicide causing the band to go into disarray – and in 2006, guitarist Christian Loos was found dead in his home.
Track Listing

1. This Barren Skin
2. From These Wounds
3. The Architecture Of Loss
4. Red Moon
5. Vagrant God
6. Pendulum
7. Saturn


Anders Eek - Drums
Frode Forsmo - Vocals
Mats Lerberg - Guitars / Vocals
Erlend E.Nybø - Guitars
Jon Borgerud - Keyboards

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