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Freedom Call
July 2002
Released: 2002, SPV
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

This is heaven indeed. As anyone who reads my reviews on a regular basis knows, my computer at work was a lowly 486 that had the computing capacity of a drunk field mouse and was almost as fast as a turtle with a broken leg. Well the dark clouds have lifted. Praise whomever you deem as your maker because I finally have a computer that is fit to use!!! All hail the Pentium II. I got it just in time to work on the backlog of discs that seem to multiply on my desk through some form of bizarre asexual reproduction. Now down to business. Well here it is, the latest CD from Germany’s Freedom Call. Dan Zimmerman (Gamma Ray) and company have released their third disc titled ETERNITY. The band also has a new (or not so new) member. He is Cede Dupont: guitar and he is of course joined by Zimmerman: drums, Chris Bay: vocals and guitar and Ilker Ersin: bass.

After 3 CDs it is about time that Freedom Call started to be thought of as a musical entity on their own and not just the side project of Gamma Ray drummer Zimmerman. ETERNITY is the release that should do that. It is everything that has come to be expected from Freedom Call plus a few things that are a departure for the band. The band delivers its trademark up-tempo, anthemic tracks. “Flying High” and “Warriors” are classic Freedom Call songs with soaring vocals from Bay. The band also showcases a powerful ballad titled “Bleeding Heart”. This is a bit of a different sound for the band as it has a small progressive feel. “Turn Back Time” is again a bit of a departure for Freedom Call. They use acoustic guitars for the first time and Bay takes the vocals down a notch and actually delivers a very stirring performance. Vocals also take an interesting turn on “Ages of Power” where the band dabbles with some death/black metal like singing. An interesting touch and something that I hope finds its way into more of their songs in the future. Also of interest in the inclusion of Edguy’s Tobias Sammet and At Vance’s Oliver Hartmann to add background vocals.

The Verdict: A pretty good CD. If you like Freedom Call’s previous releases and their brand of melodic metal then this CD will be of interest. They don’t fool around too much with their core sound and have added a few elements that add colour to their up tempo powermetal assault. Though there are minor changes, most of the songs could fit anywhere in the band’s back catalogue without missing a beat. It seems that the big question in the Freedom Call camp is, why mess with a good thing?

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