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August 2002
Released: 2001, Fury Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Someone once commented that does not do enough to cover the Australian Metal scene. Thusly, I felt it was high time to investigate another great and long-standing metal act from Australia. SLAVEKIND is Fury’s third CD and although the band name is not very original it is becoming associated with the band. The band name is a pretty decent description of the sound on the disc too...not total annihilation ala Bestial Warlust or Destroyer 666 but fury nonetheless.

The cover is boring, the packaging sparse but professionally printed and designed. No lyrics are provided but vocalist Mick O’Neil is not so heavy that you cannot understand him. The production is pretty decent, maybe lacking a little in the bottom end, and the snare is a bit too tight and high for my liking but that is just me. The mix is nice and clean, the guitars are up front and powerful. The sound will please fans of bands like Forte, Imagika and so on producing true heavy metal, bordering on thrash and power metal, but not the frilly shirt kind of power metal. The songs are…adequate, the band seems more intent on bludgeoning with power (ala late era Exodus) than providing melody or harmony. The drums never seem to let up and steamroll along with not much cymbal work or many fills. That’s quite acceptable but a little deviation would perhaps add a degree of creativity.

I don’t have too much to say about this band because I have a mild sense of “heard it all before” and the songs don’t jump out at me. Maybe it is because the singer, while, brutal, clear and powerful, doesn’t have many distinct singing styles, just a mid-range simple syllable, stacatto-shout style. However the execution is excellent, the fury is obviously there and it is a damn compelling, relentless and head-banging record. I do recommend you check them out if you like your metal damn heavy, straight ahead, with no frills, and all power. Visit their site at
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