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Freedom Call
Live In Hellvetia (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2011, Spv/Steamhammer
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Freedom Call took a while to do their first DVD but it was worth the wait. There are a couple of versions out there and I am reviewing the deluxe 4-disc version. I want to get my common complain out of the way first. Two discs of this four disc set are, two CD’s, the live concert. That is nice to have them included but why didn’t they release them as a separate live album? It’s very annoying and once again the fans who want to buy the concert on CD are punished because it is not available, the only way to hear it is to buy the expensive deluxe set. As my act of defiance I am not going to review the CD’s, just the two DVD’s. At least the CD’s are the full 20 song concert.

That aside, the package is very nice, it is a big double fold-out DVD with an odd system of securing the DVD’s inside which I have never seen before or since. The overall layout and design is very good, it comes with a fold-out poster which is just a blurry shot of the band sitting there. It also comes with a full-colour booklet that is 16 pages long with tons of photos, liner notes and a note from the band. The concert was filmed in the legendary Swiss Rock venue Z7 in Pratteln. The show was the last show in 2010, Dec 29th to be exact, and it was filmed and recorded about three-quarters of the way through their 2010/2011 ‘Ride Of The Shadowking Tour’. The venue is experienced in shooting good live shows as bands like Pretty Maids, Gamma Ray, Threshold and many more have all recorded live albums or filmed DVD’s there. The multi-camera shoot is well-done, not too many special effects or visual frills, what you see is what happened on stage. The stage production is spare but there are some flames and sparks and so on. Chris Bay addresses the crowd in German (I think!) so I don’t understand of the between song banter but thankfully sub-titles are provided. The band has lots of energy and there is a decent blend of crowd shots and band shots. It is a good representation of that point in time and a fun show running almost two hours!

DVD Two is a decent documentary called ‘A Perfect Day In The Life Of Freedom Call’ and it runs for 53 minutes. I like how the feature was designed; it is part documentary, part interviews with the band and part tour diary. It showed some of the less glamorous parts of being in a working band like when the band was leaving Nurenburg to go to Stockholm but due to a snowstorm got rerouted to Hamburg and were stuck in the airport waiting bored with nothing to do but wait. Another part shows them at a truck stop in Spain, not the most glamorous of circumstances but also the most realistic.

I must admit it felt a bit odd watching this DVD for the first time in 2014 when two of the members in the documentary are no longer in the band! There was one thing that could have been done differently. The soundtrack to the documentary was the song, ‘A Perfect Day’ from LEGEND OF THE SHADOWKING, which is fine because it is a good song and that was the tour they were on but they played parts of it seven or eight times. I got tired of hearing it. Overall it was fun to see the band fooling around in Sweden, Spain and Russia.

The next 15 minutes is a little feature of Chris Bay playing an acoustic guitar by a fire near the shore of a river or lake doing a couple of songs. There are some early indications of what was to come on the bonus disc of the AGES OF LIGHT 15th Anniversary album, because one of the songs he plays is the acoustic reggae version of ‘Mr. Evil’. He also has a bit of a monologue between the various songs. It’s a nice gentle interlude after all the goofiness of the main tour diary section.

The third part of the DVD is a 38-minute concert recorded on a sunny Sept 12th at the Raismes Festival in France. It’s a simple show, just a few cameras but it is fun show just a quick eight songs. It ends rather abruptly so I don’t think that was the whole concert.

As with any DVD, you decision to buy the release will depend on your preference for the band. I’ve always felt that an ‘average’ metal fan of any Metal band you will name, would be willing to check out (ie. buy) a new studio album, but only the true fans will buy live albums, compilations and DVD’s. For fans of Freedom Call this is an essential part of their catalogue. For everyone else, it is very well done and certainly worth investigating.
Track Listing


1. We Are One
2. United Alliance
3. Thunder God
4. Tears of Babylon
5. Blackenend Sun
6. Queen of My World
7. Out of the Ruins
8. Hunting High and Low
9. Drum Solo
10. Metal Invasion
11. Merlin - Requiem
12. Merlin - Legend of the Past
13. The Quest
14. Warriors
15. A Perfect Day
16. Far Away
17. Mr. Evil
18. Land of Light
19. Freedom Call
20. Hymn to the Brave


A Perfect Day In The Life Of Freedom Call


Chris Bay Vocals, Guitars
Lars Rettkowitz Guitars
Samy Saemann Bass
Klaus Sperling Drums

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