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Fuck the Facts
Die Miserable
October 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

DIE MISERABLE has been on my “top 10 need to hear albums of 2011” list since it was announced earlier this year. Quebec’s Fuck the Facts rarely disappoint and never record the same album twice. And though there’s been no shortage of releases from the band in the last year, DIE MISERABLE is the first full length collection of new material since 2008’s DISGORGE MEXICO. And my, oh my, what a collection of new material it is. Without a doubt, DIE MISERABLE is the most mature, calculated, and original release from Fuck the Facts yet. Let’s put it this way – DIE MISERABLE is the turning point of when angry, idealistic youth becomes bitter, resentful adulthood. An adulthood that’s now fully cognizant of the true weight of the world, and is resigned to the understanding of just how fucked up it really is.

Yep, it’s heavy.

For DIE MISERABLE, the band took their signature sound of manic supernoisegrind and distilled it into a more concentrated formula. While the album is no less frantic than what you’d expect from the band, DIE MISERABLE is a darker, more methodical, and more disciplined version of Fuck the Facts. The opening “Drift” pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album by introducing the brooding undercurrent that’s prevalent in each track. The tune’s heaviness is driven by a packaging of dense, crunchy riffs delivered in a deceptively straightforward manner, interspersed with melodies (GASP!) and an overall seething execution. The tracks that follow, “Cold Hearted” and “Lifeless” are arguably Fuck the Facts’ most typically “metal” tunes to date. Some wicked guitar solos and some serious riffage propel the tunes into new territory for the band. But its tracks like “Census Blank”, “A Coward’s Existence,” and the exceptional “95” that really make the album. There’s not one stinker across the album’s 35 minute run time, but these tunes specifically excel at communicating the best parts of Fuck the Facts, past and present. And major horns up for vocalist Mel Mongeon. She never ceases to amaze me with her vocal performances, but her delivery on DIE MISERABLE is so throaty and low that I had to double check my notes to make sure there hadn’t been a lineup change that I’d missed. Also due an honorable mention is lead guitarist Johnny Ibay (thankfully now a full time member of the band), as his tasteful six-string work adds an entirely new dimension to the band’s sound.

So here’s the quick and dirty – DIE MISERABLE was totally not the album I was expecting to hear, but I’m totally jazzed about the album that it ended up being. If you still have not experienced Fuck the Facts…Jesus Christ, at this point I don’t know what else to say to convince you people. DIE MISERABLE is available on October 11 through the good folks at Relapse Records.
Track Listing

1. Drift
2. Cold Hearted
3. Lifeless
4. Census Blank
5. Alone
6. Die Miserable
7. A Coward’s Existence
8. 95


Mel Mongeon – Vocals
Topon Das – Guitars
Marc Bourgon – Bass, Backing Vocals
Mathieu Vilandre – Drums
Johnny Ibay – Guitars

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