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Freedom Call
The Circle of Life
June 2005
Released: 2005, SPV Steamhammer
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Well, another year, another Freedom Call release. You have to give these guys points for consistency, as, except for 2003, they’ve released an album every year since 1999. For me, this is the first time I’ve crossed paths with the band since 2001’s extremely enjoyable CRYSTAL EMPIRE. Don’t know why I lost track of them, but here we are. So what does Freedom Call circa 2005 sound like? Join me as I explore…

Yep, it’s Freedom Call. It’s the same fruity lyrics (some just plain BAD), same honey-drenched melodies, and the same happy, happy Helloween riffs. Hey, screw you, I like it! There are certainly songs on here that rival the glory of the band’s first two albums. “Starchild” is as glorious as Freedom Call has ever been, while “Hero Nation” is the best power metal anthem I’ve heard so far this year from a band not called Angra. And God help me, “Starlight” (what’s with the “star” motif?) is goddamned catchy, even though I feel dirty for liking it. Anyway, it’s very safe to say that if you liked Freedom Call before, you’ll still enjoy them now as they have not changed in any major way.

There are missteps here though. The slight electronic dance beat of “The Rhythm of Life” is completely uncalled for. Seriously, it really distracts from an otherwise solid song. “Hunting High and Low”? C’mon guys, Stratovarius already did that. As well, the title track is completely sabotaged by absolutely atrocious lyrics. Who do they think they are? Elton John? OK, I just opened up a whole power metal/Elton John gay joke there, so I’m just going to stop. Power metal fans – just fucking buy it. Everyone else, stay away.
Track Listing

1) Mother Earth
2) Carry On
3) The Rhythm of Life
4) Hunting High and Low
5) Starlight
6) The Gathering
7) Kings & Queens
8) Hero Nation
9) High Enough
10) Starchild
11) The Eternal Flame
12) The Circle of Life


Chris Bay: Vocals, Guitars
Dan Zimmerman: Drums
Ilker Ersin: Bass
Cede Dupont: Guitars
Nils Neumann: Keyboards

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