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Assault by Fire 3-song promo
November 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Infernal black-ish sonic terror assaults from down under. Armageddon is here. Hide your women and children and pray for a merciful death.

This fully armed trio from the isolated area of Perth, Australia, gives us a memorable lesson in blasphemy and extreme violence, supporting their own warfare with an arsenal of destructive weapons that bands like Fallen Christ (R.I.P.), Angel Corpse, Deströyer 666, Marduk and a host of other Satan-kissing armies have successfully used in their own warfare to support the worldwide annihilation. I bet you surely know what I´m talking about here, don´t you?

But seriously, I find Furor´s death/black/thrash murderous and somewhat chaotic outburst very entertaining for myself. This is the kind of evil, face-ripping and outstandingly brutal death/black metal that I enjoy listening to enormously. The band truly delivers their goods in a great and convincing way on this 3-song promotional CD that has been made to support their as-yet-untitled forthcoming album to be released (in spring 2008 I believe). In fact, to me they make bands like Angel Corpse or Marduk pale in comparison to them as these Aussies have been loaded with so much more sheer firepower than those two aforementioned infamous supporters of Armageddon. The band has no problem reaching a hysterically fast and insane level musically with their songs. Their songs have the capability to maul a listener to death; if not literally then hypothetically at least.

Well, I don´t wanna say more. If you are still not convinced by everything that I said in the above lines, then I warmly suggest that you check Furor out for further proof for my sincere words. Furor do not only kill you gently, but they also murder you ruthlessly.
Track Listing

01. Supreme Righteous Mauling
02. Unholy Supremacy
03. Rebirth Mark


Disaster - Lead vocal torment and hammering
Kill Machine - 666 strings for the Satan
Kingslayer - Subsonic tyranny and warcalls

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