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Fueled by Fire
Spread the Fire!!!
January 2007
Released: 2006, Annialation Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

If someone dares to claim “Thrash is dead!”, he/she is completely fuckin´ wrong! This furious foursome from Norwalk, California – known better as Fueled by Fire, sounds like they are very determined to bring Thrash Metal of the ´80s back on the band´s self-released debut album, SPREAD THE FIRE!!!

Fueled by Fire pays a great homage to the ´80s Thrash Metal scene, thrashing like a hurricane, causing annihilation everywhere wherever it hits – and on the other hand, making every old school Thrash Metal -fan to enjoy the havoc it has caused to its environment, well - metaphorically speaking, of course!

In fact, everything on SPREAD THE FIRE!!! reeks from those ´good ´n old´ times when Thrash Metal was churned out with a strong passion and ambition by many bands, and when it was something that so many metalheads got related to somehow so easily. It was just lotsa fun to listen to - and even to make friends with if one´s musical interests were deeply rooted from the ´80s Thrash Metal. The guys in Fueled by Fire have realized this very well, and recorded an album full of that old school Thrash Metal feeling that throws a listener back two decades in time. No doubts, the band members have heard all their Slayers, Exoduses, Death Angels, Exumers, etc. back in the day with careful ears - and make their best out of all those ingredients when jamming and pushing through their band practices together. The music has that strong yet very familiar ´80s Thrash -vibe stamped clearly all over the songs with occasional Maiden´ish guitar melodies popping up here and there in their songs (check out the lead parts in “Thrash Is Back” and “Spread the Fire”) as well as some intense and blistering solos that Slayer used to churn out on SHOW NO MERCY. Actually there´s at least a dozen of points of common with the ´80s style of Thrash Metal on the band´s debut album, and I wouldn´t wonder a bit if someone mistakenly thought SPREAD THE FIRE!!! was recorded sometimes during the ´80s era of Thrash.

Fueled by Fire´s dynamic guitar duo, Gio and Ricardo, do a really splendid work in the riff department, sowing tasty and ass-kicking around on the album, Gio screaming and spitting killer vocals for the songs – and sounding extremely much like a mixed version from the vocals of Paul Baloff, Steve Souza and Mark Osegueda (especially because of those high screams). He sounds truly convincing... and just simply great! Otherwise these fellows have managed to capture all those essential elements from the ´80s Thrash -era into their songs in an appreciated way, and therefore the final outcome sounds absolutely This is pretty much a nostalgic trip back to the ´80s Thrash Metal for every thrasher and I bet that´s also the main reason for all that why most of us so-called ´old school Thrash Metal maniacs´ do appreciate Fueled by Fire´s efforts on this album to make that old school Thrash more than, let´s say, people that never got a chance to live through those meaningful times of this particular genre in metal - and got into it more than a decade later, but never really understand it the same way like we - so-called ´old farts´ did.

Yes, the old school Thrash is back, and Fueled by Fire´s debut album is yet another piece into that big puzzle to prove the greatness of this particular style in Heavy Metal music in general. Now go and spread that old school fire!
Track Listing

01. Intro: Ernest Goest To Hell
02. Thrash Is Back
03. Striking Death
04. Spread The Fire!!
05. Betrayal
06. Massive Execution
07. Metal Forever
08. Dreams of Terror
09. Command of the Beast


Gio - Lead guitar & vocals
Ricardo - Rhythm guitar
Carlos - Drums
Anthony - Bass

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