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The Endless Winter
February 2015
Released: 2015, Black Work (Alkemy Brothers)
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

FROSTHELM hail from Minot, North Dakota and specialize in playing a Blackened Thrash Metal style in which guitar riffs ala DISSECTION meet up with influences from the Teutonic Thrash Metal bands of the 1980's such as DESTRUCTION and SODOM. The Endless Winter is the band's first full length release, and it is chock full of what the band does best. The production on the record brings guitars to the forefront, with pounding drums that at times may sound a little thin, and the bass is buried between both. Vocals sound like a mixture of the typical raspy-sounding vocals of Black Metal and the harsher style of vocalization employed by German Thrash bands like KREATOR and DESTRUCTION.

The record begins with an intro titled "Glacial Aeon" in which acoustic guitar passages lead to an epic section in which guitars and drums clash with each other. After this brief track, the listener is immediately pummeled by the Thrashing intensity of the first proper track, "Storm of Teeth". While most of the songs are of the fast, take-no-prisoners school of Thrash Metal, "Tomb of Sordid Ruin" is an exception to that rule, and is also a highlight, with it's moody, chaotic guitar melodies. "The Dragon" gives the impression that it will also follow the slower style presented in "Tomb.."; however, it picks up speed for the verses.

The Endless Winter turns out to be a fine record by FROSTHELM. It may get a bit samey after a couple of tracks, yet the guitar riffs aid in keeping things interesting. The band demonstrates that they can also play some great stuff at a slower tempo, so they could maybe integrate some of the slower stuff into their repertoire without dropping their Thrash Metal influence.

Titus Isaac
Track Listing

01 Glacial Eon
02 Storm of Teeth
03 Forlorn Tides
04 Tomb of Sordid Ruin
05 Beneath Dead Horizons
06 Endless Winter
07 Hell Between Us
08 The Dragon
09 Silent and dark, the everlasting


Dakota - Guitar
Brian - Drums
Tyler - Vocals
Jim - Bass

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