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Franky Dee
I Like to Rock
August 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

As I sit here in my room I am bored so I hit the buttons on my time machine and land back in the year 1988. I am not alone for long cause I am joined there by Franky Dee. Uh, wait, I am still here in 2001. Back to Franky Dee anyway. This guy is a real throwback to the late 80s and this CD I LIKE TO ROCK, sounds like it was hatched there and just forgotten about till now. That is not the case however. This is a CD right out of the year 2000 but which pays homage to the hard rock scene of the late 80s. Big hair and everything. Franky is originally from Brooklyn N. Y. but has been in South Florida for about 8 years and is now located in L.A... He has also toured England with Iron Maiden and Dio.

The CD opens with "I Like To Rock". No this isn’t the awesome April Wine song, this is a totally new song dedicated to women. Of course the whole CD is filled with the 80s subjects namely women, women and women. Can you tell what the main theme of the Cd is??? " I Like To Rock" is a good song. Probably the best on the disc. "Memory With You" is a typical power ballad which is followed by "Too Hot To Handle" which sticks to the midtempo groovy rock mold with the requisite cow bell during the chorus. "Bye Bye Baby Baby" is another ballad which reminds me of a "Baby Doll" by Big House. Just not half as good.

I was given this CD to review because it is a well known fact that I have a soft spot in my metal heart for 80s hard rock. The thing about this CD is that even back in the 80s this would only be second rate material. I know Franky is trying to revive the hey day of hard rock but it is not going to happen with this CD. Outside of the title track the songs are average at best. The rest of the band is not even credited which knocked off an extra half point. Dee has potential but need to surround himself with some better musicians and some better tunes if he wants to make a dent with a style of music that is not exactly in vogue these days.
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