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Fake Healer
Political Advisory: The Truth Inside
June 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Another band this month from another American metal mecca: Milwaukee! Fake Healer has been together for awhile now, and has managed to play dates across the country, touring with bands such as Pissing Razors and Rictus Grin. A decent enough resume to say the least.

First thing that struck me about this disc: the fact the songs are in a different order than the tracklist indicates. Reviewers love it when they have to decipher track lists. Bad form, but forgivable. Anyway, to the music. Fake Healer plays a rock ‘n roll oriented style of metal that you might expect from rough ‘n tumble acts. This helps them stand out from most of the American crowd these days, most of whom seem to be either way out in left field or simply aggressive to the extreme.

Unfortunately, despite the bands apparent success with these tracks live (so their bio says), the songs on this disc really didn’t do much for me. “We the People” is pretty straightforward and unengaging. I can’t get past the Dave Mustaine impression and general slow Megadeth style on “Suiciety”. And “Dead Man Walking” is merely OK in its slow groove.

The band is competent enough and do sound like they could hold their own on stage, but the music on this disc just didn’t grab me. Ah well.

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