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An Absence of Emapthy
September 2005
Released: 2005, ProgRock Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Frameshift is a project run by Henning Pauly; he’s a part of the band Chain. The projects debut came ‘03, an album where Henning was in charge of all the instruments and James LaBrie took care of the lead vocals. If you want to read more about Frameshift’s debut album you can check out metal-rules database.

Henning has managed to get Sebastian Bach from Skid Row to take care of the lead vocals this time. Besides help from Sebastian, Henning’s brother Eddie features on drums and Henning had help by Matt Cash, the lead singer of Chain, with the lyric and melody writing. All music on the album was written by Henning.

Just as the last album, this one is a theme record, the bio says following “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent – This quote illustrates what this album is about. It is about violence – human violence, to be precise. Violence is inherent to our nature, but the question is, what factors determine who lets it show through and how does it show itself”. If you’re curious to find out more about this then but the album, I only have a promo copy so I can’t dig deeper into this.

If the debut was a progressive rock album influenced by melodic hardrock they have now totally changed their course. On this album I’d say that they rather play more straight heavy metal that borders to hardrock along with some more modern progressive parts and to make it even more harder we have elements off prog rock music, musical and film music. The album contains 12 songs and the quality is quite even throughout the album.

Frameshift invites us to 70 minutes of music, some of the better songs are “Human grain” where Sebastian show a more aggressive vocal range than before. “I killed you” are a stunning ballad that have a sure shot of becoming a radio hit and Sebastian have both nerve and feeling in his vocals. “Outcast” gives the listener a touch of more modern prog rock with various tempo changes. “Blade” starts off with a drum intro and keyboards and it also sounds like Henning have used strings but he haven’t, he’s probably used key-strings because there aren’t any string people listed. This is also a progressive song with longer instrumental parts and Sebastian’s voice sounds as good as ever.

It sounds like Sebastian have a real good time singing on this album and he sure has his voice intact. Sebastian hasn’t got the same singing technical skills compared to the previous Frameshift singer James LaBrie but Sebastian impresses more because of his feeling for the music. Henning is an impressive multi instrumentalist and with Eddie makes a complete and solid core of the band. It takes a while to get into this album but when you do, I promise that you won’t be disappointed. If you liked the debut I’m sure you’re going to like this as well, it’s an amazing album with an amazing Sebastian Bach.
Track Listing

Human grain
Just one more
I killed you
This is gonna hurt
Push the button
In an empty room
How long can I resist
When I look my eyes
What kind of animal


Sebastian Bach – lead vocals
Henning Pauly – guitar, bass, piano, synth, warr guitar, organs, banjo, percussion
Eddie Marvin – drums

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