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Faith No More
Who Cares A Lot?
March 1999
Released: 1998, Slash
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

In case you didn't hear, Faith No More IS no more. And with their unfortunate demise comes a brand new greatest hits album. Big deal. Some of FNM's best songs are the ones that aren't "hits". Besides, I'm sure their fans already own every album…okay, at least every album with Mike Patton. And those that don't surely know that the diversity found on every album can not be summed up on one CD. Therefore, it is pointless to issue a greatest hits album without some other incentive to purchase it. Thus we arrive at disc two, which comprises eight unreleased tracks. Let's take a look…

Disc two opens with "The World is Yours", simply a great song, maybe resembling a cross between "Angel Dust"-era and "King for a Day"-era FNM. "Hippie Jam Song" almost sounds like a cover song, with its bluesy Kyuss-sounding guitar and church organ. But nope, its FNM all right! Great song! Track three, "Instrumental", is an instrumental. Bet you couldn't figure that out, aye?! Another good song, but not overly thrilling. It's pretty simple, similar to some of the music off "Album of the Year" perhaps. "I Won't Forget You" is next, and it's a heavier one. Although the credits say otherwise, it sounds like Jim Martin had a hand in writing this one. Another killer song! "Introduce Yourself (4 Track Demo)" follows. Obviously a demo track, which explains the somewhat poor sound quality. It's nice that this was included, seeing that there's not really much rare FNM material with Chuck on vocals. But this track isn't overly exciting. The live Deep Purple cover "Highway Star" lasts for, oh, a minute. Cool, but it's too bad they didn't play the whole thing. It's surprising that FNM would play "Theme from Midnight Cowboy", but they did, and here it is for us to hear. Again, it's short, sweet, and not a major highlight. The last track, "This Guy's in Love With You", is another cover. I'm not sure who originally recorded it, but it's along the same lines as say Frank Sinatra. Ha! Different, but it's not a big surprise. This is Faith No More after all!

If you're like me, disc one will never leave its jewel case, while disc two will find its way into the CD-changer. It's awesome to hear unreleased Faith No More songs, but at 28 minutes, disc two could contain a lot more. Nevertheless, this is a real treat, and I thank Slash and FNM for making these songs available. I recommend this release for diehard FNM fans. And for those aren't, go and get "Angel Dust"!
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