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June 2005
Released: 2005, Metal Blade
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: Evil Rocker

Wow, what a sad story. Falconer was such a promising band with their spectacular debut. But they have simply failed, failed, failed! The musical basis and gallop style of Stefan Weinerhall has remained largely the same but that is about it. Hearing this album does remind me of Falconer circa 2001 & 2002 when I strain to hear it and block out everything except the guitar melody. The new vocalist, Karl Kristoffer Göbel has abandoned his attempt to sound like the original Falconer vocalist Mathias Blad, and just does NOT GET IT DONE. Listen to the first minute of "I refuse" and see what I mean. This album continues the negative progression from the previous bad album, THE SCEPTER OF DECEPTION.

Like the previous CD, I am disappointed with this album and regret purchasing it prior to listen. The tracks have no "staying power" and there is simply nothing that captures the attention beyond that of a below average metal CD with one or two moments of note such as on the decent track "Humanity Overdose". Some of the material such as "I Refuse" and "Power" is truly horrible.

R.I.P., Falconer. I never wish any metal band ill will. But this deterioration is not something I can support any longer.
Track Listing

1. Emotional Skies
2. Purgatory Time
3. I refuse
4. Humanity Overdose
5. The Assailant
6. Power
7. No Tears for Strangers
8. The Return
9. Jack the Knife
10. Child of the Wild


Kristoffer Gobel - Vocals
Stefan Weinerhall - Guitars
Karsten Larsson - Drums
Jimmy Hedlund - Guitar
Magnus Linhardt - Bass

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