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Forgotten Tales
We Shall See The Light
February 2011
Released: 2010, Union Metal International
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Forgotten Tales is one of Quebec, Canada’s best bands. They have it all, pro-look, pro-sound, great songs, and a good international reputation, having opened for many international heavy-weights who are touring the region. They opened for Nightwish as far back as 2000. So, why aren’t they bigger? With so many bands from Quebec getting signed, why are Forgotten Tales…forgotten? Maybe they like the freedom of independence, perhaps the long period between records has hindered them (six years since the last one!) but the new album is another step in the right direction towards international super-stardom.

This now veteran band has just released their third, full-length studio album called WE SHALL SEE THE LIGHT. Yes, it is an independent job, but you can’t tell. The packaging and presentation are great; full-colour, nice booklet with lyrics, photos and the works. The album boasts nice production as well, everything nicely mixed.

This sextet has one strong asset, the voice of vocalist, Sonia Pineault. She has a very powerful voice with a unique character that doesn’t just mimic other operatic-style female singers. In reality, she (and the band) have been doing semi-gothic, semi-neo-classical metal with female vocals thing for over ten years, longer than some of the others in the field. The rest of the band are top-notch as well. The performances are tight and well executed.

In terms of composition, the songs are complex, but not outlandish. Forgotten Tales have some slight progressive tendencies mixed in with their speedy brand of Power Metal. Lots of keyboards and orchestration float along with lots of guitars and the songs all have a compelling energy driven by the excellent drumming of Mike Belanger.

I’ve been a fan since the debut album and championed this band on my radio show as well for years. Now it’s your turn to take a chance on a world-class band. Check them out they won’t be ‘forgotten’ by the metal mainstream, much longer.
Track Listing

1. We Shall See The Light
2. Guardian Angel
3. Keepers Of The Field
4. The Reaper
5. Diviner
6. The Calling
7. Howling At The Moon
8. Broken Wings
9. Angel Eyes


Sonia Pineault - Vocals
Martin Desharnais - Guitar
Patrick Vir - Bass
Fredéric Desroches - Keyboards
Mike Bélanger - Drums

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