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Forgotten Horror
Demo 2007
June 2008
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

All the great beasts of Hell... NOW REJOIN! Rejoin to spread havoc and terror everywhere on this planet full of miserable and weak souls...

3 of the current Deathchain members, Cult (on vocals & guitar), Corpse (on bass) and Kassara (on drums) have had this blackened thrash metal act called Forgotten Horror since 2007 (Cult formed the band alone in 2004 though), spreading their pitch-black malicious plague to the neighborhood the best they can.

Musically the guys ride on the same darkened and ever-storming wings as - let´s say, bands like Order From Chaos, Deströyer 666 and Allegiance (from Sweden; the demo era), creating a perfect match between relatively primitive sounding thrash metal and harsh black metal - and damn, it works. "Raping Your Soul" should be re-named "Raping Your Eardrums" as the song´s murderous intensity level cannot be measured by any known and existing human standard measure. This song simply rips... Hell yeah, it does! And thinking further back in time, the next song, titled "Witchdance" could well be an Order From Chaos song. Cult sounds deceptively like Mr. Helmkamp when he was bellowing his bloody guts out in these legendary Kansas City warmongers. "The First Day of Darkness", on the other hand, could be a Deströyer 666 track; one tiny, but still destructive swirlwind full of darkness and evil. "The First Day..." is the kind of song they could concentrate on doing more in the future. The guitar riffs that sharply slash thoroughly the whole track from start to finish, are what make this song such an ear-raping experience, at least that´s what they did to me anyway. The last song, "Timeless Meadows", just throws more nails and other ´sharp objects´ into this Forgotten Horror machine, making it sound even more mean sounding and just convincing.

The band´s 4-track offering was limited to 200 copies only and it´s unfortunately sold out already (my copy was 199 out of 200 copies made). In the meantime while waiting for some new blackened thrash metal infernos unleashed from their direction, there´s always the Internet where you can always make some great new discoveries every day, so... (*assuming this review already made some of you browsing through their site*)
Track Listing

01. Raping Your Soul
02. Witchdance
03. The First Day Of Darkness
04. Timeless Meadows


Cult - Vocals & guitar
Corpse - Bass
Kassara - Drums

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