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Forced Kill
Speeding Death Velocity (demo)
September 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Kissing the already wet forehead of old school thrash metal beast just never seems to stop, does it?

Finland´s purveyors of sheer aggression and relentless speed Forced Kill, are creating quite a buzz around them by their old school thrash shit that pays just lots of homage to the past 80s speed/thrash scene. Especially one cannot ignore hearing such bands´ influence on these 4 young Finnish fellows as Dark Angel, Sacrifice, Slayer and Deathrow. Dammit, it´s all good sounding shit what they have done on their 4-track debut demo, SPEEDING DEATH VELOCITY. Not only have they captured the magic and vibe of the ´80s thrash, but they also do their thing so devotedly and determinedly that they have even avoided getting a too modernized production for their stuff. And damn, it works in favor of raising the flag for the name of old school thrash.

Naturally one may think kinda automatically about Forced Kill that ´Oh xrst, one more attempt from kids to play thrash… Total fail!´. Despite these guys´ somewhat young ages (they look like they are in their twenties, or near by at least), they truly made a great impression on me with their straightforward, fast, catchy and heavily riff-filled retro-ish thrash metal, and all that energy that all these 4 songs have sucked into them. This demo release from them is undoubtedly one of the most convincing and enjoyable new demos from new thrash bands that I have managed to get my hands on for quite some time.

What I like most about Forced Kill, is the fact all the riff and lead work in their songs, sounds vicious and highly aggressive – the same way like bands like Sacrifice and Dark Angel for example succeeded in spicing their stuff back in the day. It sounds all great, believe me. Other than that, when one is able to re-capture the same vibe and feeling so well and in such a deceptively simple way as these 4 young and relentless Finns do it on their 4-track demo, you really cannot go wrong with it, can you? The last thrash stormer, titled “Renegade (to the Death)” on this brilliant sounding demo, is nothing but a fair nod in the direction of old Sacrifice, Slayer and (especially) Dark Angel - a real head stomping tour-de-force for these guys´ potential to gain some true respect amongst the thrash metal community for sure.

No doubts, we will hear and see a lot of more from these guys in the coming months…want to bet on it with me?
Track Listing

01. Forced Kill
02. Overdeath
03. Spectral Aggressor
04. Renegade (to the Death)


Esa - Vocals
Kode - Guitar
Loco - Guitar
Markus - Drums

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