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Force of Evil
June 2005
Released: 2005, Escapi Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Evil Rocker

This is the second offering of this five piece Danish band comprised of several names you will know from Mercyful Fate fame. In particular, the guitar duo of Michael Denner and Hank Sherman lend significant credibility to this band. The first self-titled album came out in late 2003 and, while solid, did not fully meet my expectations. With the metal lineage found here, I was holding out hope that the self-titled debut would blow me away. While not bad, it could have been better. Force of Evil waited another year or so to come pretty close to blowing me away!

This album is a marked improvement over the first. Here Martin Steen

(Ironfire) sounds more aggressive yet clean. And the entire band has a bit more of a heavy edge. The guitars work well together, which is not surprise since they have been working well together since about 1983! There are few tracks I would consider to be "filler". Rather, most tracks are very good, if not excellent traditional metal with excellent production by Neil Kernon. Four standout tracks include the opener "Black Empire", "Cabrini Green", "Death Comes Crawling", and the sure to be great Saxon-ish live track "The Sinister Show". However, I have no complaint with any track. The lyrical theme dwells on serial killers (real or fictional) and includes a homage song to Stephen King. Thankfully, there is barely any hint of any unwanted modern influence here.

What you have here in summary is a very good traditional metal album based on well-riffed twin guitars, a Euro-vocalist who gets it done here with a revamped aggressive style and a good supporting bass and drum.
Track Listing

1. Black Empire
2. Back to Hell
3. Cabrini Green
4. Death Comes Calling
5. The Sinister Show
6. Days of Damien
7. Disciples of the King
8. Beyond the Gates
9. Hobbs End
10. Vorhees revenge
11. SOS


Michael Denner - Guitar
Hal Patino - Bass
Martin Steene - Vocal
Hank Sherman - Guitar
Bjarne Holm - Drums

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