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For Ruin
January 2006
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Born in 2003, For Ruin is the brainchild of one John Murphy, who handles everything one this demo, from the production right on down to the drum programming. Based in Ireland, the band has one previous release to its credit, a split demo with fellow Irish black metal compatriots Meiche, which was released in 2004.

Although For Ruin shared an album with a black metal band, this band’s sound is definitely firmly in the melodic death metal camp. Featuring John’s powerful death growl, which manages to be both vicious and decipherable, intermixed with thunderous rhythms and tasty melodic leads, SHADE is the product of a mind that is both talented and sure of direction.

The opening high-speed volley of “Dread” sets the tone with dual-tracked guitars laying a solid foundation for some beautiful solos, matched with the death growls. This song definitely shows that John could be a lead guitarist for any number of bands. Both “Vertigo” and “Starling” follow this same formula, combining the death metal approach of the Swedish scene and grafting traditional-styled solos over top.

The short, acoustic “Rinn Bearna” provides a brief respite, touching lightly on the folk music of For Ruin’s homeland before launching in to another assault with “Another Breed”. This song has a very cool chugging riff that leads into the expected buzzsaw churn of the verses. If it were up to me, the disc would end there, but it actually finishes with a cover of Rotting Christ’s “The 4th Knight of Revelation”, from that band’s THY MIGHTY CONTRACT disc. It was dull then, and it’s dull now.

SHADE is a very promising demo CD that has already garnered a bunch of glowing reviews; I am merely adding my voice. For Ruin is certainly a band to watch out for in the coming years.
Track Listing

1) Dread
2) Vertigo
3) Starling
4) Rinn Bearna
5) Another Breed
6) The 4th Knight of Revelation


John Murphy: Everything

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