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Blakaz Asko Herto
December 2013
Released: 2013, Iron Bonehead Promotions
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

For a band that only formed this year, Swedish black/death metal band For have already knocked out a demo and an EP. Based around the Germanic black witch Gullveig, a thrice burnt and three times reborn witch with was the joy of all who were evil, and her Thursian bloodline consisting of wolves and werewolves. Apart from a band name, For give no indication of who they are. While some super-groups may choose to do this to sell entirely on the basis of their music, it seems slightly pointless of a band this small. Perhaps this is meant with other intentions, but considering the elitism that comes within black metal, it’s hard not to judge this band as another band calling themselves kvlt to make up for lack of originality or ideas. Being signed to Iron Bonehead promotions perhaps does no favors for this band, although they have some real talent on the label, Iron Bonehead are always writing about bringing music back to the old way.

The real test though is what the music is like… The backing is a wall of noise grinding along slowly along before descending into a messy, chaotic void of sound. The ideas behind the music are good, but it’s severely lacking in production quality. While some bands may get away with the raw sound that comes in the absence of squeaky-clean mixing, this band’s brand of music doesn’t quite manage it. The music is suffocating, turbulent and chaotic, but much of this is lost among poor recording and lack of space between instruments. The drummer really comes through in this album challenging what many would usually expect to find in a recording of this genre, breaking up the blast beats with interesting fills that really cut through the sonic onslaught. The thing that really lets it down however are the vocals. Drawn out growls are lost beneath the waves of instrumental chaos and add nothing extra to the crawling mass and rather than to perpetuate a continual and unbroken dirge.

There is some real talent and some interesting ideas behind For and Blakaz Asko Herto, but more time and more thought could have really benefited this EP. This album is missing real maturity that comes with leaving ideas to brew, the process that allows musicians to reassess their music and enhance it to its full potential. This band could go either way, but there is real talent budding in this band. One to keep an eye on.
Track Listing

1. Blakaz Askō Hertō
2. The Ravenous Chasm
3. Descending Obfuscated Realms
4. Chthonian Initiation
5. Lineage of the Amorphous



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